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The Nike rep dropped the ProLaunch Red shaft in a On the dymo2 driver which is no different to my driver is less loud on the impact sound and the colour is just just a dull comparred to my driver which is a bright yellow colour that i love. I know this is a year late but I wanted to see what others thought ofnthe dymo I had inmy bag for so long after reading on the. The Dymo was on average 8 yards longer with all 3 golfers and ballspeed averages were 6 mph faster with the Dymo STR8 Fit compared to the r9. Nike SQ Dymo Driver 9. Will 9 years ago. On the course, it is a miracle!

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This would give the most accurate results. It would be safe to say they did well though the inke do perform as differently as they look.

Nike SQ Dymo Driver

If you understood how the deals worked on tour you would see why that driver is in more bags. Whoeve wroter this stone cold lie must work for Nike. For me, a steady relatively straight yards on most drives is what I was after and got. I liked the round str8-fit better than the R9 which i believe would have been a better comparisonand bought the nike sasquatch dymo str8-fit.


I agree Doc…Nike sent us the square and was supposed to send us the round version. I have last years Sumo and I love the thing. Maybe I need some couch time to sort out my Nike Golf issues.

Looking forward to next season! Nike sasquatch dymo Dymos have weight pockets in the rear nike sasquatch dymo and heel areas for added forgiveness. And the majority of golfers would give up sound and feel for distance. I loved reading this review even though it was not as helpful as i thought it might be. Nike sasquatch dymo most of my not-so-great swings sent drives right down the middle of the fairway. Not a fan of the Nike driver aestheics but would easily forgo looks ex Hibore for results.

ULTIMATE REVIEW – Nike DYMO vs. Taylormade R9

One more vote for R9. I also hit the speedline, r9, s91, launcher, ft-9, and the nike was wth the best of them, and cheaper too. The ball got way up in the air right away. My rounds are giving me nike sasquatch dymo chances at the green and less time scrambling. But we will not bore you with that. Face is in good shape. I hate to say it, but I have some stigma against playing Nike.

That way all of inke specs are the same. Looks wise, the Dymo is a little classier than its predecessor in our opinion nike sasquatch dymo, with the colouring somewhat toned down.


The Hibore was like swinging a double car garage, the head was too big. Just picked up the dymo Your email address will not be published.

Regardless of the model, the nike sasquatch dymo presents a fairly clean look with a grooveless sweet spot. Before this driver i was using the titleist D that was like 10 that a friend gave me.

Nike SQ Dymo drivers |

I like the dymo 2 driver but my nike sq is better because the impact nike sasquatch dymo on my driver is superb.

Ok, you say, what happened on the course? You may be considering a Nike SQ Sumo driver, which features a titanium body with a unique technological shape that increases the inertia of your swing, allowing you to hit your ball further and more accurately.

Original A Flex senior shaft. This str8 does the job.

Watch out, straightness does come at a price. I prefer nike sasquatch dymo look of the Taylormade r9 over the Nike and also the sound at impact.