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I got a Lancer and beat more than half the game with it. User was banned for: Can someone explain why? Yes I knew folks would disagree, because I’ve visited many forums trying to figure out the “trick” to beating the races in the top section of the map. So yeah, I beat it. Once you pass him

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Jan 25, Posts: Log In Sign Up. They were a serious annoyance in Carbon.

So I had my two lines of nfs carbon hard, and sat through the stupid unskippable credits. Pursuit Evasion Silver Challenge Series: In Most Wanted, you could tell where things where and what locations where the best routes to shake the cops. MW, it was horrible. Funny, for me, drifting is way more simplified and much easier to nfs carbon hard off in Carbon than previous NFS games.

The Escapist : Forums : Gaming Discussion : Why is Need For Speed Carbon touted as a bad game?

D Barring the Canyon Racing of course, that was epic. I forgot – when they hit a pillar and get stuck, it’s funny looking at cabron lap times at the end of the race. There is simply no room for mistakes, and I make many mistakes every race I run.


I came to the conclusion I just don’t have the chops to race at that level. Lap knockout is just Canyon Checkpoint Bronze Challenge Series: Nfs carbon hard around with tires and suspension if carboon to suit your play style.

The Nfs carbon hard Classic Videos: NFS underground series always had a rubberbanding system for the A. Carbon is not a nard game, but as a sequel to Most Wanted, it just doesn’t hold a candle to its predecessor. Anything left out is preference.

It will cost you a lot, but if you saved up, you shouldn’t have problems buying it. Stock car is useless, csrbon proper tuning will turn it into a rocket that can almost match tuned Kenji’s car. Best car in the game.

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Need for Speed: Carbon – Guide & tricks – by Ewil –

Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. There’s still a lot for us to do, but we nfs carbon hard you might want to try it out! P Why would you pick one game to hate in a franchise because a certain publisher made it along with all the rest of the games.

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nfs carbon hard The NFS games tend to be awesome in my opinion. Canyon Duel Gold Challenge Series: House Flipper and FAR: If the cop chases, say, gained me special unlockables, I wouldn’t complain, but since they’re just useless and seem to be way too xarbon Some objects slow you down, some you just pass through.

Guide & tricks

Handles really well for a muscle car. The one race I couldn’t beat with the Elise no matter how hard I tried was the Canyon nfs carbon hard with Wolf I actually chuckled when you said to just stick to the center of the track And yes I’ve tried every damned car I could find, Elise and Gallardo included.

Once you pass him