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New Online Video Network Launched by Slot Online TV Network

Slot Online TV Network Inc. is Internet’s first and only poker broadcasting company. It has announced the launch of its new online video network. This new site address is http://www.pokerTVnetwork.com. It will showcase poker related videos including short clips and full length poker TV shows, both. With this initiative, Poker TV Network attempts to bring TV watching experience, straight on to the computers. With its broadband platform, it gives its advertisers, a well defined target audience. This also guarantees, that commercials will be viewed by the ever-growing poker community. The large variety of poker videos will be classified by an easy to navigate channel system. Prnewswire.com reports:

In addition to pre-produced programming, PTN crews travel to bring highlights and newscasts from the biggest poker events and tournaments worldwide. Long format shows include two magazine style programs, a late night talk show style program, and several up close and personal interview format shows.

Steady Growth Predicted in Online Gaming Sector, By Sportingbet

Sportingbet yesterday announced that growth rates for new online poker players was rising steadily. This assessment was made after it announced a straight rise in pre-tax profits.

The group yesterday said its Paradise Poker operation generated a daily “rake” – or fees paid by players – of $431,000 (251,000 pounds) in the first quarter, compared with $229,377 in the same period last year. Meanwhile, the number of new registered customers across the group’s gaming sites for the three months to October 31 rose from 100,000 to 700,000.

Online Poker Rooms Find Ways To Evade US Gambling-Advertising Regulations

As per US laws, advertising for gambling in several forms, on television and other media, is prohibited. But many poker companies are defying these rules. Due to the available loopholes, they are able to twist the law to suit their purpose. Online poker rooms, are places where players from across the world, play. These poker rooms make sister-sites having the same name but with a dot net ending, instead of the usual dot-com. These dot net sites then offer only play money games and poker related content. But such moves to bypass the law,that are made by poker rooms, have come under the limelight. US legislators are strongly taking up this issue. Launchpoker.com reports:

In addition, the popularity of televised poker gamers free advertising for the casinos in which the tournaments are held. Currently it is still legal to advertise a non-gambling poker site and companies like PokerStars and Bodog are taking full advantage of that.

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