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New Android togel hongkong Application

Okay, so I don’t know a whole lot about tablet computers and 3G and 4G smartphones, but my understanding of it is that basically the market is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and iPad and the products running the Android operating system.

Earlier I reported on a cool new iPhone and iPad app that allows you to play blackjack and learn basic strategy. Now there is a free blackjack app for the Android system as well. The game is called Real Blackjack and can be found at the Android Market.

The Real Blackjack app is free to download and has a built-in tutorial for players who are unfamiliar with the game of blackjack or don’t know how it would translate to their mobile device. For novice players, it will give hints as you play the game, which is a good way to learn blackjack basic strategy. Another way to learn is to print and memorize togel hongkong cards.

The Real Blackjack Android app can only be played using fake money, so you cannot win anything by playing. However, it is a fun game to play in your free time or as practice. The Real Blackjack app uses advanced touch-screen technology to make the game as close to the actual experience of playing at a blackjack table as possible.

Once you have played enough free games on the Android blackjack app, you may decide to visit your favorite online casino and wager some real money. Pure Vegas is a good place to start.

Blackjack Strategy: Don’t Take Insurance

In the game of blackjack, whether you’re playing online blackjack or at a brick and mortar casino, you and the house have the same goal. That goal is to make money. Unfortunately, those goals togel hongkong are mutually exclusive. They can’t both occur at the same time. If you win money, the casino loses money and vice versa. For that reason, you need to keep in mind that while the dealer should be trusted, his interests are not the same as your own.

There are a lot of rules and decisions that are beneficial to the player, such as splitting and doubling in the correct situations. Unless you ask for help, though, the dealer won’t remind you to do that. The dealer probably won’t say, “You have a pair of sevens. Would you like to split them?” It’s up to you to know that you should split a pair of sevens.

However, there is one decision that the dealer will always ask you about and that is insurance. If the dealer has an ace as an up card, he will ask if you want to buy insurance against a blackjack. Not only that, but “Insurance pays 2 to 1” can usually be found printed right on the blackjack table, just to remind you. Is that out of the kindness of his heart? Hardly. The dealer is quick to ask about this because insurance is a bet with a high house edge. You’ll notice that the table doesn’t have “You should always split aces” printed on it.

Insurance is a suckers bet and you shouldn’t take it. For those who don’t know much about the rule, insurance is offered when the dealer has an ace as an up card, because in that case if he has a 10 in the hole, he has a natural blackjack and you would always lose unless you also have a blackjack. The dealer then offers insurance where you get paid 2 to 1 if he does have a blackjack and if he doesn’t, he wins that side bet and can also win the original bet if he still beats your hand.

Therefore, insurance is basically a bet that the dealer has a 10 in the hole. While there are more cards with a value of 10 than any other value, you need to remember that it’s still outnumbered. There are 4 cards (10, J, Q, K) out of every 13 that have a value of 10. That means there are 9 cards out of 13 that have a different value. In that case, the dealer would have a 69% chance of having something other than a 10 in the hole and a 69% chance of winning the insurance side bet.

For that reason, you shouldn’t take insurance when it is offered to you. In fact, as a general rule you should avoid any side bets in blackjack, because almost all of them have a higher house edge than the regular game. The only exception is if you are counting cards, which you can’t do at an online casino, and determined that the deck is rich in tens. In all other situations, if the dealer offers you insurance, say thanks, but no thanks.