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It scans up to 50 pages at once at a rate of 24 pages per minute. NeatDesk did a particularly good job with business cards. The Quick Scan Center and the Inbox. However, in addition to being able to export the data to Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money, and searchable PDF formats, you can also export it to CSV comma separated variable format, which you can use in combination with almost any data base program’s report generator or word processor’s mailmerge feature to generate a report in whatever format you need. Also, if the only features you need are the receipt management and business-card management in NeatWorks, the NeatDesk hardware may be more scanner than you need, and you might be better off with the less expensive NeatReceipts. How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict.

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However, the installation program also neatdesk nd-1000 Twain and WIA drivers, which let you scan directly from most programs that include a scan command.

Neat ND-1000 Sheetfed Scanner

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Finding the old drivers for the scanner is confusing – every link leads to a dead end. neatdesk nd-1000

The Neat Company says it’s considering making a second insert with adjustable edge guides available, but there’s no firm timetable for this, so it’s neatdesk nd-1000 you can count on. You ndatdesk also like.

Sponsored Read Full Review. Setup and Scanning Setting up the scanner is standard fare.

Best Selling in Scanners Neatdesk nd-1000 all. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. The Neat Company uses the same name for all versions of NeatDesk, whether it upgrades the scanner, the software, or both. After you scan receipts, it will recognize the text and plug the results into its database so you neatdesk nd-1000 use it to generate expense reports and information for taxes. In fact, NeatDesk is one of the best scanner packages available for business cards.


To scan a document to the NeatWorks program, on the other hand, you use either of the Scan buttons, which scan and then send the document to the NeatWorks Inbox.

You can then go to the neatdesk nd-1000, confirm that the program recognized the text properly, and correct anything that’s wrong. Fujitsu fi Neatdesk nd-1000 Scanner I have a real problem with that.

You can also export the data to a TurboTax file. neatdesk nd-1000

Pros Scans and manages receipts, business cards, and documents. One minor issue I neatdesk nd-1000 into with the ADF was that it tended to feed two and neatdesk nd-1000 times three receipts at a time and also tended neatdesk nd-1000 crumple the receipts while feeding them, which jammed the feeder. I found that the most reliable way to feed them was to slow the process down by limiting the stacks to two or three receipts at a time.

David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, moni I’d also check with my accountant before I decided to rely strictly on electronic versions for tax deductable expenses. The Scanner Hardware The NeatDesk scanner is a typical size for a personal desktop scanner, with a This is an ideal solution for expense or tax reports.


Download Neat Scanner Drivers for Windows or Mac – The Neat Company

That’s even truer for NeatDesk. It can handle pages up to a maximum of 8. If the accounting department you hand your expense reports to insists on getting the originals, you’ll still have to neatdesk nd-1000 track of them to nd-0100 to your reports. The software in both is focused on managing receipts, and, to a lesser extent, neatdesk nd-1000 cards and documents.

Neatdesk nd-1000 to The Neat Company, the disc also includes a full set of drivers and software for Vista bit, Windows XP, and both and bit versions of Windows 7.

You can also add a tax category from a drop-down list, mark an neatdesk nd-1000 as a reimbursable expense, and add other information naetdesk sending the item to the appropriate database. Sometimes it misses a beat here and there, but for the most part it does a great job.

Download Neat Scanner Drivers for Windows or Mac

It reads the receipts very well. If you need other software in addition to NeatWorks, you might be better off with a desktop document scanner that comes with the right programs. It scans up to 50 pages at once at a rate of 24 pages per minute.

Neat ND Sheetfed Scanner. I neatdesk nd-1000 everything and neaatdesk it digital these neatdesk nd-1000.