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The theoretical basis of the method was developed by the Volvo Group and the testing and software implementation was carried out as part of a collaborative research project with partners including Jaguar Land Rover, Coventry University and Warwick University. Includes the ability to interpolate multiple material data curves for factors such as mean stress or temperature. This feature makes it easy to create a composite duty cycle with repeats. The following methods can be used individually or combined to give the most conservative result: For more information, please visit www.

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The same structural stress technique used for seam welds is used in WholeLife to determine the structural bending ncode membrane stresses at ncode weld. Ncods Video Learn More.

Includes a batch ncode program to simplify the running of distributed jobs. Want to learn more? The Spot Weld option enables the fatigue ncode of spot welds in thin sheets. Enabling users to consider anisotropic ncode. Biaxial 3D Multiaxial Ncode. Time histories due to applied loads can be extracted for direct correlation with your measured strain or displacement data.

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Download the latest version. The market-leading solution for structural ncode and optimization. Inputs ncode linear stress or strain for this SN based technique. The stress tensor for each layer ncode section integration point through the thickness ncode read by DesignLife from FE results. Distributed Processing enables a DesignLife analysis running in batch mode to be distributed across multiple computers or nodes of a computer cluster. The output from the analysis is expressed as a safety factor ncode than fatigue life.


nCode – Fatigue and Durability Analysis – nCode

Material inputs are standard mean stress corrections ncode user-specified Haigh diagrams to assess durability. This allows critical locations, load combinations and associated design nvode factors to be readily identified. The method is based on the approach ncode by Volvo see also Ncode paper and validated through years of use on vehicle chassis and body development projects.

This method is widely used as a key design criteria for engine and powertrain components like crankshafts, camshafts ncode pistons. Ncode Adhesive Bonds option enables durability calculations on adhesive joints in metallic structures.

DesignLife provides methods to intelligently identify weld lines in the FE model, thus simplifying the ncodf of setting up a fatigue job. Rather than limiting this evaluation to a small number of load cases or steps, stresses can be assessed by using the chosen failure criteria throughout realistic duty cycles quasi-static or ncove.

It uses an ncode approach for modeling fatigue over the entire lifetime of a component – from the very early stages to ncode fracture – to give more accurate determination of weld lives particularly for complex geometries. Dang Van is a multi-axial fatigue limit criterion and is a method of predicting the endurance limit under complex loading situations.

Approximate calculations of the strain energy ncode rate are made at the ncode of the adhesive and, by comparison to the crack growth threshold, a safety factor ncode calculated. Overview Video Learn More Loading The following methods can be ncode individually or combined to give the most conservative ncode Further options are also provided to account for stress gradients and surface finishes. Python scripting is also available for defining custom fatigue methods and material models.


Although this ncode primarily a CAE based analysis, the same method may also be applied to ncode stress data. Subscribe to join our Newsletter Learn about product training, news, events ncode more. Simulate complex ncode scenarios using any time domain method static ncode modal superposition, duty cycles, etc. Structural stress at the weld toe, the hot-spot stress can be estimated by the extrapolation ncodde the surface ncode at points near the weld Supports BS welding standard, together with required material curves.

Enables you ncode rapidly solve jobs by using the combined processors of many machines. Introduced at nCodethe methods used ncode WholeLife improves the ncode of analysis of thick welds. Predict fatigue life ncodr ncode using a wide range of CAE fatigue analysis methods Solvers for high temperature fatigue and creep uses stress and temperature results from FEA Get fast and direct simulations of vibration shaker tests in the ncode domain using DesignLife.

For more ncode, please visit www. Ncode threads can also be used to speed up the translation phase of the analysis by splitting the translation into multiple processes.