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Queue frames for display to allow more parallel work of the video hardware. Support must be compiled in by configuring with –enable-crash-debug. Loses sync with video. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Choose some sane image dimensions.

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A sample MPlayer command line that will play TV for Europe, channel E2, for devices that use analog audio wired from the TV card audio output into the aux or cd audio input on the motherboard or on the audio card:. Mplayer tv optimizations which do mplayer tv comply to the specification and might potentially cause problems, like simpler dequantization, simpler motion compensation, assuming use of the default mplayer tv matrix, assuming YUV 4: Results 1 to 3 of 3. Gamma can also be set independently for red, green and blue.

Useful for output to low-resolution display devices when hardware downscaling is poor quality or mplayer tv not available.

streaming tv with smplayer/mplayer

The bitrate to encode the AC-3 stream. This is an important issue if you are hooked to a network and run some time mplayer tv software like NTP. This filter is not molayer and mplayer tv therefore only be enabled once for every audio stream.


Use -nosound for benchmarking. However, it is a convoluted solution, and is much more suited mplayer tv testing purposes rather then daily use. The file from which to read the video index mplayer tv saved by -saveidx. Slow down or speed up playback by the factor given as parameter. The default is fast resampling that may cause distortion. Disables double buffering, mostly for debugging purposes. Note that mplwyer seems unreliable and will spam stdout with server messages.

Find More Posts by gdaughen. Only valid for yuv modes 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Play webcam using mplayer

Prevents artifacts on very loud sound and raises the volume on very low sound. Specify the Mplayer tv device or. The same, but hinting will only be performed if the OSD is rendered at screen resolution and will therefore not be scaled.

Number of text columns to display. Name of device to capture sound from. Unlike normal OSD, libass uses fontconfig by default. Choose some sane mplayer tv dimensions. You may also want to use -embeddedfonts. Dynamically changes the level of postprocessing depending on the available spare CPU time. It is only useful mplayer tv you have more than 2 loudspeakers.


Converts multichannel audio to 2 channel output for headphones, preserving the spatiality of the sound. Does not work correctly with ass mplayer tv see -assyou can instead render them without OpenGL support via -vf ass. You can also mplayer tv a directory that contains files previously copied directly from a DVD with e. Also supports displaying of software-decoded video.

See tc -input option for ways to customize mplayer tv. Useful if you want to watch live streamed media behind a slow connection. The audio data used for creating the subwoofer channel is an average of the sound in channel 0 and channel 1. This volume estimate can be used for setting the sound mplayer tv in MEncoder such that the maximum dynamic range is utilized.