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Mozilla’s frightening relationship with Google

Is it wrong to sleep with the enemy, when you care about online privacy?

16 years have shown that Mozilla, the creator of the Firefox browser, represent themselves as being passionate about the privacy of users worldwide. This is something to commend, as these efforts seem to be slowly bringing privacy into the mainstream.

Nevertheless, while fighting for privacy, Mozilla employs several tactics to add Google’s functionality into their browser. This can be seen with the default search engine: Google Search, without asking the user on their choice.

Meanwhile, Google is the subject of worldwide controversy, for their their insane collecting of personal user information; antitrust investigations and general hostility against users’ wanting to keep their information safe.

$300 million.

That’s how much Google pays Mozilla every year to make sure they are pushed onto Firefox users worldwide. This may be the reason why many of Mozilla’s pages use Google Analytics, a proprietary and, quite frankly, rather dangerous web analytics software.
With the recent uproar about Firefox Send, a service for private files, using Google’s servers, people are beginning to ask questions about Mozilla’s real care for privacy.

Many refugees to Firefox, a browser which holds 5% of market share, aim to remove privacy-offensive companies like Google from their browsing experience. Sadly, Mozilla seems to be blinkered by Google’s constant funding.

The dream of better privacy in Firefox seems to be just that: a dream.