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This media type is not supported on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. This white paper tries to bridge that gap by providing as many details as possible on writing NDIS Miniport drivers. The entry point for the caller’s MiniportSetOptions function. These subkeys in turn contain keys called BusNumber and BusType, which correspond to the bus used by that particular Miniport driver instance. Running In the Running state, a miniport driver performs normal send and receive processing for a miniport adapter. A miniport driver typically performs the following tasks in MiniportInitializeEx:

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Initializing a Miniport Adapter | Microsoft Docs

Microsoft null ethernet miniport white paper references the documentation micrisoft both these toolkits. There are four device power states: A set of utility functions that enable drivers to retrieve and modify information about the network configuration of the local computer.

Servers and Enterprise Development. The tester emulates a transport layer protocol driver and communicates with the netcard driver through the NDIS wrapper. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

There are two NDIS protocol drivers: Also, the state of the adapter might change while a reset operation is in progress. Interfacing with higher-level drivers, such as filter drivers, intermediate drivers, and protocol drivers.


The binding is only established if the supported media of the protocol and the Miniport match. The Microsoft null ethernet miniport architecture consists of several components:. TCP Chimney Offloadan offload of the data-transfer part of the TCP protocol processing to a network adapter that has the appropriate capabilities. For drivers targeting NDIS 6.

The link speed and quality of the microsoft null ethernet miniport can vary for each connection. Intermediate Drivers An intermediate driver interfaces between upper-level protocol microsoft null ethernet miniport and miniport drivers.

Connectionless miniport drivers are further divided into deserialized and serialized drivers: Power consumption is less than that in the D1 state and greater than or equal to that in the D3 state.

Choose the type you’d like to provide: If MiniportInitializeEx succeeds, the miniport adapter enters the Paused state.

Restore time Not applicable. However, you should note that an overlying driver cannot complete a pause operation while its transmit packets are pending. Device context The hardware device context is maintained by either the network adapter or miniport driver or both. With this you can simulate up to eight network stacks installed onto the same machine.

Power consumption The sleeping state with the least microsoft null ethernet miniport of power. Microsoft null ethernet miniport technologies that support Hyper-V virtualization environments, such as the following: Miniport Adapter States and Operations.


Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) in Microsoft Windows CE

NDIS supports miniport drivers for both connectionless environments and connection-oriented environments. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback Content feedback You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. When a networking device becomes available, the system loads microsoft null ethernet miniport required NDIS miniport driver, if it is not already loaded.

Miniport Driver Send and Receive Operations. Collapse the table of content. Windows Vista and later operating system versions support the following types of kernel-mode NDIS-based network drivers: Note Starting with Windows 8, the operating system will not support this media type for any miniport microsoft null ethernet miniport.

For more information about how to handle network packet data in NDIS 6.