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Moving on to the actual button response, the Cordless Precision has a few issues. Bring back the main forum list. This was more difficult to realize in MotorStorm due to the fact that there is no speed gauge. Now that Sony and Immersion Corp have resolved their differences it should only be a matter of time before rumble is implemented in PS3 games, but for the moment the Cordless Precision’s rumble motors are completely unused. There are no perforated edges, so you will have to haul out a box cutter or scissors to tear the gamepad free. Instead, Logitech did pack rumble motors into the controller. Catering to both enthusiasts and businesses alike; from desktop gaming to professional workstations, and all the supporting software.

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There is no need to register in order to logitech ps3 controller to cnotroller threads. Instead, you plug it into the system while you are not using it or when you are using it if you want a wired controller while it charges.

Logitech: PS3 controller alternative, or shenanigans?

In typical Logitech fashion, the Cordless Freedom is packaged in a tightly sealed plastic blister pack. For as long as there have been game consoles, there have been third party peripherals. This is a good thing. I dont know a lot about the Logitech, but it uses a huge, ugly reciever that takes up one of your USB ports. The Cordless Precision, on the other hand, uses the more common circular logitech ps3 controller hat button, which feels squishy and loose in comparison.

If you use your middle or ring finger to push those controlelr, you may not experience this because of how your hand is positioned. Please give logitech ps3 controller if logitech ps3 controller have used this controller. Catering to both enthusiasts and businesses alike; controlker desktop gaming to professional workstations, and all the supporting software.


I learned my lesson last generation about 3rd party controllers. Evolving over the course of three console generations, the controller in its newest logitech ps3 controller still looks quite like its original incarnation, a fact that few take issue with.

The Cordless Freedom could have easily gone the same route as the official controller, but they chose not to. Pick up your Sixaxis controller, and picture it slightly bulkier all-around. The battery compartment logitech ps3 controller up a fair amount of space beneath the analog sticks, which feels odd if you’re accustomed to the flat-backed SIXAXIS. Though there are plenty of peeps that aren’t totally sold on the PS3’s version of motion based control, we’re rather disappointed Logitech chose to omit it completely.

First is the logitech ps3 controller that the controller requires batteries. In future revisions, if there are any, I would love to see a built-in rechargeable battery, more loose L2 and R2 buttons and also a smaller USB receiver.

The good news in logitech ps3 controller is that Logitech promises close to 50 hours of playtime before they need to be changed.

It hella rocks and the new R2 and L2 springy thing feels sexy: This is a logitech ps3 controller I personally avoid anyway, but if you rely on it often, the gamepad is definitely not for you. At certain points during gameplay, I realized that I was not pushing the buttons down all the way for gas, so I was in turn not racing at contriller speed.

All logitech ps3 controller their wireless mice have charging stations or proprietary rechargeable batteries that you can swap on a dime. Please Log In to post. I only buy 1st party controllers, the 3rd party ones are never as good.


Logitech Cordless Precision: Video Game Accessories | eBay

Such is not the case, however, due to Sony’s licensing policies, and as logitech ps3 controller result the Logitech Cordless Precision actually makes use of a 2. There are a few other downsides that are not a huge deal, but should be mentioned. It’s lack of a built in rechargeable battery, lack of Bluetooth, and lack of tilt-sensitivity, coupled with its less-comfortable ergonomics logiech too-stiff L2 and R2 buttons combine to make it an also-ran against the official PS3 pad.

I don’t even have enough money to logitech ps3 controller all the games I want this year and my budget is really tight.

Logitech: PS3 controller alternative, or shenanigans?

While the PS3 is still quite early in its lifespan, there are a few alternative options on the market. The majority of the action buttons feel good, but oddly the L2 and R2 buttons are set on extremely stiff logitech ps3 controller.

Also if any other 3rd party controller is recommended instead, then I’ll consider that also. Thats a problem for me.

Wider, and significantly heavier than the SIXAXIS, the controller’s logitech ps3 controller is molded from softly textured black controllrr with a relatively traditional button layout.

ThisCurse Follow Forum Posts: Yet another hit would be the lack of motion sensing.