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Did this solve your problem? It might be that something was wrong with them and they were pulled out. So I would like to know what specific driver it uses that will allow it to work so I can manually tell it what one to use. Edimax PCI – http: I can agree to this seeing that it was installed after having installed win7 for the first time. All the cards that are currently sold are based on one of these 5. It is provided as is without warranty, and confers no rights.

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Bob Kehle Linksys wmp54gx4 on December 26, My sources tell me Airgo went to Qualcomm in The thing is linksys for some odd reason refuses wmp54gz4 use support 64 bit OS.

First I would like to thank you for trying to help. I guess I can play guess and check linksys wmp54gx4 it.

Linksys WMP54GX4 Free Driver Download (Official)

Bob Kehle Replied linksys wmp54gx4 December 26, Make sure that the Update system works on your Installation of Win 7 and try to scan for a New Hardware. However, after a while if I can not find a solution, I move on. Why did it work in if they were completely gone. Sadly, they were bought by Qualcomm who by the looks of their website is about useless linksys wmp54gx4 it comes to support.


Since then I have removed linksys wmp54gx4 of the components of the driver and utility. I tried most of the linksys drivers so wmp54x4. So if you have a 32 bit win 7 around and want to use your adapter it will work I am linksys wmp54gx4 one right now on win 7.

So I would like to know what specific linksys wmp54gx4 it uses that will allow it to work so I can manually tell it what one to use. Although I’m still trying to figure out what driver windows was using.

Furthermore the according to the windows site it is compatable and will “install with no action” See link below. Is linksys wmp54gx4 a card close with the same chipset that might work?

Linksys WMP54GX4 Free Driver Download (Official) () – WMP54GX4_zip__

I have a linksys wmp54gx4 wireless adapter. For whatever reason this card will not get installed using linksys wmp54gx4 automatic driver software. Edimax PCI – http: Bob Kehle Replied on December 27, I view linksys wmp54gx4 hardware as pieces of plastic and Not as semi-live enteties, thus Wkp54gx4 do not apply too many core principles to them.

Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. I spent time searching through my sources and could not find anything. Trebuche Replied on January 2, I contacted Linksys about the problem and they said it was not supported by them and the only linksys wmp54gx4 to get it to work was when it used a windows linsys driver.


However, I have tried removing installing, wmp554gx4, and reinstalling. Hi I would agree that they went linksys wmp54gx4 with Airgo. But why when I installed the card on win7 back in August of this year did the card auto install and linksys wmp54gx4 it fails to work.

Linksys WMP54GX4 PCI Adapter

I really don’t want to buy a new card if the one I have will work and just needs a kick in the pants. Linksys wmp54gx4 it worked before and the linksys rep. I have tried using the Linksys wmp54gx4 to get it to work but it fails.

Got any idea wmp45gx4 the built-in linksys wmp54gx4 for the card or at least something to narrow it down? I think that when AirGO went away the drivers followed. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion or view of Linksys wmp54gx4, or anyone else.