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Sometimes it gets stuck when dialing a number and it sounds like I’m leaving my finger on one number forever even though I’m not even touching it. Taking the battery out and then putting it back in seems to correct the problem for some time, so maybe it’s a defective battery I absolutely agree with kleobee on the glitches and all around unrealibility of this phone. I warn you, do NOT buy this phone unless all you want is problems. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

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We guarantee your Android device will be protected throughout lg c555 rooting v555. Lg c555 2 out of 5 by cell user from Not The Best Phone I find with this phone it has minimal storage.

It is impossible to recover your data after doing a hard reset, so c5555 backup is always important. XDA Lg c555 Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work.

LG Optimus Chat C Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

In order to get the best possible lg c555 our LG. The basic features of the Chat C work very well and it is the perfect phone for someone who uses their phone lg c555 simple tasks such as calling and text messaging. It’s also 5c55 slow: Download One Click Root today to get started rooting your lg c!


Love lg c555 Qwerty, and my brother has the exact same phone and it works fine. The first 6 months were great, now its a horrible piece of trash.

LG Optimus Chat ( C555 )

The C can easily go a lg c555 of days without being charged even when used heavily throughout the day. Lg c555 turns off and lg c555 wont turn back on, even when it has a fully chrged battery. I warn you, do NOT buy this phone unless all you want is problems. I’ve seen some pleople claim that gingerbreak worked cc555 their C but it hasn’t for me on my many attempts.

LG Optimus Chat – LG-C – LG-C ~ Spec Manual and Price

I used the superoneclick v2. If you have a new phone running the latest and more challenging software, then I recommend this service. It does not measure up to more expensive and advanced Android phones though. I’ve owned this for about a year and my only 2 complaints with lg c555 phone are: Warranty Info Refer to warranty info.

Lg c555 do not have facebook nor twitter, and find no use for these apps to be on the phone.

Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. Just don’t expect cutting-edge hardware and software. LG-CV10d Can anyone help me out?? Posting Quick Lg c555 – Please Wait. With a sleek and lg c555 flip phone, you can prevent unintended calls and texts.


I got this when upgrading my old phone.

LG C555 hard reset

ALthough the battery life is the only good quality about this phone. All in all, this phone sucks, and I need to upgrade. How long is the lg c555 period? I like the hands-free speakerphone kg. I absolutely agree with kleobee on the glitches and all around lg c555 of this phone. Hardware specifications are not impressive leading to a sluggish user interface on some occasions.

Our certified Android technicians can safely perform a number of different maintenance services. It doesn’t have the best battery life but text messaging is nice and easy and calling is good and quite clear too and browsing is not a kg lg c555 cake but no hassle either.

We’ve got you covered! Finally tried the Lg c555 method With just one click, One Click Root can safely and effectively root most lg c