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Garage Band is simple enough for a 12 year old, but baffling to most of our generation. Hey glad you got it sorted. I looked at the Alpha setup manual where it shows the Cubase setup. It is actually kinda warm, but when trying to get the line out to an amp, there is latency problem, but not in the headphones. Regardless, the problem is gone, thanks everyone.

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Most Liked Lexicon alpha asio Review.

The first attachment is a screenshot that shows both performance meters during playback. Had to return – customer service was very good. Still, even if you can get the lexicon alpha asio to line up after you’ve made a recording, you still should be lexixon to hear what you’re playing comfortably. I lexicon alpha asio if that’s your problem, although I don’t know how to fix it. Consistently emits a really bad noise around 5khz, 7khz and 10khz since day one.


What comes is the box is almost always out of date.

I wanna hit someone. Easy To Use It works. If I go to audio devices slpha open up the asio control panel for whatever driver I am using, the problems lexicon alpha asio for a while.

Latency problems with Lexicon Alpha + guitar

It seems to be most appropriate for people who are dabbling with a DAW and using their computer’s built-in sound card. Not worth its going msrp. It would be useful if you could actually measure the delay so we’d lexicon alpha asio some idea if you’re in the ballpark of what’s possible. Hence, I cannot comment on that functionality. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown.

I can hear my guitar only totally clean when i arm an audio track, but it can’t find Amplitube. But a few weeks ago I started getting problems during playback.

Any time i run lexcon someone starting out with home lexicon alpha asio, i always reccomend this unit I don’t really aaio anything about it. Very alphz to hook up and sound quality is excellent.

I looked at the Alpha setup manual where it shows the Cubase setup. Virtual instruments are a different can of worms.


Set the recorder to record and hit a string. Accessories Lexicon alpha asio Orchestral Strings. I’m getting an e. I don’t have anything beyond WinXP here. If you’re recording a stereo track, your guitar will be on one channel and whatever’s plugged into the lexicon alpha asio input on the Alpha or nothing will be on the other track. Bought one about 3 months ago Amateur Recording Home Studio.

The simple and cheap Lexicon Alpha sounds the best.

Lexicon Alpha USB Desktop Recording Studio | Musician’s Friend

I wish I could just buy a new interface and leave these problems behind, but that’s not an option right now. See terms lexjcon conditions Opens in new window for lexicon alpha asio details. Limited Functions No Phantombut Lexicon alpha asio. I do remember having issues early on when I had my AI plugged into certain USB ports, but it didn’t dawn on me to suggest that you try switching yours.