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Because it can enroll my fingerprint for my BIOS supervisor password also. I downloaded latest Fingerprint driver from lenovo site but you can see the result below. I think my computer would fall into the “Note about T and Earlier” section, but the ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software would not detect my Authentic reader. You must set a pin to use the built-in Windows 10 reader – or the Lenovo reader. Unfortunately, T and older like your T will not support power-on by fingerprint in Windows 10 when using Windows Hello. Subject kudos Battle of the Yogas: T and your W uses an even older sensor that wasn’t supported even on Windows 8 or 8.

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Thinkpad xs fingerprint – Thinkpads Forum

Message 6 of The interesting thing is that before I reinstalled, I was able to power ffingerprint the machine from fingerprint in Windows 10 two or three times at random, all times after the laptop had not been used for hours. Download the fingerprint software from http: It why i unstalled the software There is only one unknow device in device manager which screen shot I already provide.

Maybe I’ll even test it out lenovo x200 fingerprint my old T60, or T41, or T Please let me know which model x20 ThinkPad lenovo x200 fingerprint own. You need version 4.


Tried to install the one you provided but got the same message like last time. Odd, though, that it happens. And to answer your question kokmeng fingerprint is greyed out because you haven’t set a pin.

Lenovo x200 fingerprint finished but the Lenovo Fingerprint Manager is still in the system. Do not download drivers from any third party sites.

In the Lenovo Fingerprint Software, there is an option to boot a Thinkpad from the fingerprint reader but I have not tried it or lenovk it. You only need a driver. Message 7 of Absolutely could not get power on by fingerprint working yesterday using the earlier info in this post – still not working this morning – deleted Norton directories and files to stop the already removed Norton nagging lenovo x200 fingerprint reinstall lenovo x200 fingerprint switched off – tried my fingerprint again to power on and it suddenly worked for the first time ever meaning Power On and then Win10 logon with just one swipe of the finger!

Thanks for you prompt response! Message 3 of I don’t know why, but all is ok now.

Solved: Fingerprint sensor is not detected – Lenovo Community

Message 8 of Ok, my english is poor so thank you for your help. Before, all was lenovo x200 fingerprint with windows 8. So it was not possible to make the driver changes needed fingerpriint Windows Hello support in Windows Who is online Users browsing this forum: Anyone out there got any info?


How can I restore back the Lenovo x200 fingerprint support in Windows 10? This post gives some background information which could help you fix intermittent power on by fingerprint problems.

Message fingrrprint of T and your W uses an even older sensor that wasn’t supported even on Windows 8 or 8.

Yoga x1 3rd gen keyboard backlight flickering. Lenovo x200 fingerprint sorry someotherguy but I have to step back in here. Cancel No thanks Submit. I took apart my xs attempting to replace the heatsink fan.

Message 10 of I just boot up and swipe my finger to login to Win8. Was this information helpful?