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View All 10 Photos in Gallery. In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make the The pointing stick is unchanged, but its buttons are now slightly curved. Overall, Lenovo did a great job of getting the best selling ThinkPad, the T, and refining the design while shaving off some weight. Many thin-and-light notebooks do a poor job of dissipating heat. The big changes—like the slice-style battery and single sound jack—are obvious but ThinkPad users will also notice subtle changes. The modified docking connection needs the newer docking stations see text.

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Origin PC Chronos Review: Deactivating the module is a remedy, but isn’t always possible because of the resulting loss of connectivity.

Continue to next page 01 Lenovo just added an “s” to the model name, but the system changes are dramatic. It also put Lenovo on the map after taking the brand over lenovo t400s IBM.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Ts Notebook – Reviews

That’s impressive for a laptop of this size, although the power-saving solid-state hard drive helps in that regard. Even though it’s a Fast, but energy lenvoo processor. ThinkPads go out of their way to emphasize their “green” credentials. lenovo t400s

Video lenovo t400s, a processor-intensive test, improved by a margin of 6 seconds with the Ts Multitouch and ldnovo the original T by 2 seconds. Sliding two fingers up or down in Internet Explorer enables scrolling. The modified docking connection needs lenovo t400s newer docking stations see text.


Oversize Escape and Delete keys on the top of the keyboard are a lenovo t400s touch, and the volume control buttons, while not terribly exciting, are in easy reach.

Review: Lenovo Thinkpad Ts notebook –

Discussion threads can be closed at any time lenovo t400s our discretion. The Lenovo ThinkPad Ts is no bargain, but if you want lenovo t400s incredibly powerful business notebook in a remarkably thin design, it’s worth every penny.

It has no problems handling Vista and other daily tasks, just as you would expect from any recently released notebooks, lightweight or otherwise. The T has dual lenovo t400s slots that can hold both an ExpressCard slot and a multi-card reader; the Ts has only room for one: Lenovo t400s when compared to the ThinkPad X, the new Ts looks more refined. Both the multi-touch hardware and Windows 7 are the likely lenovo t400s for this minor differential.

It measures lenovo t400s one inch thick The very fast Samsung SSDwhich reached an average reading transfer rate of Gaming presented a problem with the X integrated graphics, so instead lenovo t400s playing Left 4 Dead you might have to compromise with Peggle.

The new touchpad is different, but I am having a hard time figuring out if that is a good or bad thing. A two-finger pinch, let uszoom in and out on Web pages and in photographs.

For business laptops, though, finding the right usage scenarios will be challenging. By Sal Cangeloso The X Tablet, meanwhile, uses a 2-finger multitouch screen only. It is why T Series notebooks have earned a lenovo t400s on the lenovo t400s — and in the briefcases t400x of business leaders worldwide.


The 2×1 watt loudspeakers have been placed very obviously left and right of the keyboard. Lenovo credits this to the carbon-fiber chassis, but lenovo t400s the magic is, it works.

A Convertible Built For Business. For storage, the system has one 1. Lenovo t400s to the back of the Ts is an eSATA port for storage expansion and DisplayPort out, giving you digital video from the notebook itself.

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Review

The touchpad is placed on the same level as the palm rests and is demarked by a knobby surface. Therefore, in view of the vast amount of supplementary productsyou should also inform yourself at the retailer in order to prevent a bad buy before purchasing. And, unlike the X, whose keyboard and screen can feel cramped, the Ts offers a better balance between comfort lenovo t400s portability.

Features The big news of course is the new multitouch gestures, lenovo t400s it’s the lenovo t400s non-tablet to have it thus far.