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Need. Laptop. Back.

Mrs. Big went OFF last night when I made the mistake of going a little late with a pair of SNGs. Cashed in each and had one completely in hand heads-up with a 5-1 chip advantage, and had to start pushing just to get off the damn PC.

Yeah, 2nd place.

I knew what I was doing. Told my opponent, also, who just waited me out until he got cards. Or, thought he got cards – he hit two 3-outers during this process.

Good Lord…

Now, it appears my laptop got shipped to the wrong repair center at slot onlain. Fucker. I asked the dude if he was sure he was sending it to the right place. Of course, customer service at RS is telling me their systems are down and get a status for me. Fucker.

That’s what I get for surfing japanese porn sites.

An ignominious end

Well, I think I busted out somewhere around 18th or 19th in last night’s Mookie, I think. I was playing very well early, but then I got very lucky early by hitting a 2-outer for all my chips and lost the bulk of them a few hands later when I made a good read, had a good draw that improved slightly on the turn, but I inexplicably didn’t see and read a huge improvement on the river for Drizz.

I suck.

I busted a little while later, losing with AQ over the mighty 4-7 offsuit. No fault there for either one of us, as I was so short it was literally an ATC situation for both.

Actually, things have been going ok in the last week or so in the SNG arena. Stopped playing those crack-baby turbos and slowed my game down a bit, and it’s paying off. So, we’ll see if it keeps paying off long-term.


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