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To delete a registered sender name, select the sender name and tap [Delete], select [Yes], then tap [OK]. Select the fax driver you wish to delete, then click [Uninstall]. Operations required to use this function for the administrator Enable the Forward TX function. Use the Internet Fax function to send an E-mail message with an attachment containing the scanned data merely at expenses for online communications via the Internet. Check the operating system OS version that supports the fax driver.

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Sending a fax by timer transmission Load the original.

How do I send a fax from my staff Konica Minolta printer?

V34 is mjnolta communication mode used for super G3 fax communication. If you have registered one-touch destinations for the IP Address Fax function, you can select them from [Address Book]. konica minolta fax

Select addresses to register in the group from already registered one-touch destinations. From [System], select konica minolta fax RX]. This function cannot be used together with the following functions. Installing the fax driver to the computer Connecting this machine to the network. Enter the registration name for the group destination.

Selecting a sender name upon fax transmission Load the original. Communication error may occur on rare occasions due to the factory default setting.


This machine has various features for fax operations, including those enabling the user to change scan settings according to the original and to save incoming faxes in a User Box.

For details on how to delete the konica minolta fax driver manually, refer to Here. Konica minolta fax a number, then select [New]. You can also select a group.

For example, when sending a fax to a number of remote konica minolta fax, you can minimize the total cost of communications by sending a fax to a closest relay machine konica minolta fax having it forward the fax to the others.

Sets the optional operating environment of this machine. Can frequently used fax numbers be registered? Enable the Forward TX function. Select [Resolution], then select the desired resolution. Optionally for books or single sheets, lift the lid and place the sheet on the scanning surface, printed side down, in the top left corner of the konica minolta fax.

Enter the password, then tap [OK]. You need to have the administrator privileges to perform this task. If the dialog box prompting to restart the computer appears, click [OK]. Configure the respective items for fax transmission, then tap [OK]. You can enter up to 24 characters. In User’s Guide manuals, location paths of folders or files may not contain the root directory.

New Drivers  TM U210 DRIVER

Click [OK] to start fax transmission. If a restart prompt appears, click [OK] to restart the PC. To cancel the destination setting, tap the Konica minolta fax Book key for the destination to be canceled. Set [Output Limit] to specify the number of transmission and reception records to print.

help – How do I send a fax from my staff Konica Minolta printer?

Other file types can be specified only for the first line. Related Articles Why can’t I konica minolta fax to a staff printer? Article Summary At the printer, load your sheets to be scanned in the top, enter the fax number, set your TX settings, and press Faax. Then click [Print] from the menu.

You can either set the resolution granularity when sending a fax or specify the image quality according to the quality of the original.