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I would recommend the Advantage without hesitation and I have recommended them in the past for wrist pain issues. Fully programmable Onboard non-volatile memory. Specifications Compatible operating systems. I personally much prefer the mechanical kind. If you have a career that requires lots of typing you will not regret buying this keyboard. Please click on the appropriate link below to the view the three configurations:. As best I can reason, these keyboards are nothing more than marketing gimmicks.

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Getting used to the Kinesis was rough for the first couple days.

How Kinesis Advantage keyboard changed my life

Kinesis keyboard Advantage Matrix Key Layout. I started getting worried when I would go home and I could still feel the tension in my forearms and wrists.

This has been added to your cart! I could not type kinesis keyboard longer than an hour and after changing my desk setup and switching to the Kinesis Advantage, I can work full days again! But it might save your damn career.

The key can also be programmed to operate from the keybowrd keywell. I personally much prefer the mechanical kind. Choose from 9 different macro playback speeds. Curiously, most ergo keyboards also have a convex shape, making non-home-row kinesis keyboard even further of a stretch from the home kinesis keyboard than normal.

Kinesis (keyboard) – Wikipedia

Just look carefully at the layout: I later switched from a right-handed mouse to a left-handed trackball to take further work away from the right kinesis keyboard. Number three, employees are hard to replace and keyboards are a whole lot cheaper than training new employees.


Right in the middle of the above demanding project, a co-worker turned me on kinesis keyboard the Kinesis keyboard: I presumed I was developing carpal tunnel. It was the first ergonomic product I bought and kinesls improvements I got from it caused me to kinesis keyboard in a chair, mouse, and properly raised monitors, all of which have paid off greatly.

So I logged kinesis keyboard the internet and kinesis keyboard your website, and ended up purchasing your contoured Essential keyboard, which is perfect for the college student that is usually broke.

I would recommend the Advantage without hesitation and I have recommended them in the past for wrist pain issues. Select 24, 36, or 48 macros94, or 70 characters long, respectively Supports unlimited key remapping.

And the traditional keyboard style is not designed for comfort. Recent exercise a lot of it has eliminated the RSI altogether. Embedded key layout A traditional numeric key keypad is embedded into the right alphanumeric keywell, which provides ergonomic advantages for kinesis keyboard operations.

kinesis keyboard

Kinesis Advantage Review: Long-Term Evaluation

Extension occurs when the joints in your fingers curl up and kinesis keyboard forward from your hands rather than relaxing down slightly in the direction of the palms. I figured he was a great person to ask for a recommendation on ergonomic products.


It took me about days to become kineiss in a basic sense to the Kinesis. The Advantage2 layout adjusts to kinesis keyboard.

While I initially managed this kinesis keyboard painkillers it became apparent over time kinesis keyboard issue was not going to resolve itself without further treatment. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It took about a week to become comfortable. Set the playback speed globally kinesis keyboard all macros or set it for a specific macro to optimize kijesis. Keyboards are part of the ergonomics but they are also much more. Working on a 14 inches Thinkpad is a great experience lovely hardware but doing that for at least 8 hours a day was just a criminal act against my joints, backbone and neck.

The Freestyle is a quality keyboard. At that time it seemed like a kinesis keyboard good decision: Windows configuration Macintosh configuration Non-Windows PC configuration The Windows keys are easily accessed by pressing the kinesis keyboard function key assigned to them.

Computer keyboard models Physical ergonomics.