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Its first known wearer is Kouta Takamiya, but the belt destroyed him when he burned up all of his implanted Orphnoch DNA. Now, you should become our brother! The Kaixa Gear was more powerful, but slower than the Faiz Gear. Games Movies TV Wikis. In a film-exclusive revision of Masato’s death which took place towards the end of , he as Kaixa were fighting the Horse Orphnoch , however he got himself killed while Faiz battled the Arch Orphnoch.

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He has two forms as an Orphnoch. Once transformation is completed, the Kaixa Armor has several key features in its design to protect protection to the user. While he refused an offer by Tsukasa Kadoya to join with other Heisei era Riders to fight the Underground Empire Badan and the Showa era Kamen Riders, a series of events and an encounter with Keisuke Jin convinces Takumi to take up the mantle kamen rider kaixa Faiz to protect Shu Aoi, while eventually move on with his life.

Again, I am doomed to end. Unlike his other classmates who used the Kaixa Gear and disintegrated soon after, Kusaka had a great deal of more Orphnoch DNA implanted into him to resist the fatal side effects of Kamen Rider Gears. Featuring extremely realistic molding on both the X-mark as well as the kamen rider kaixa visor on his helmet and the Full-Metal Lung on his chest armor!

This page was last edited on 9 Kamen rider kaixaat With kamen rider kaixa twisted personality, he loves to betray anyone as long as he achieves his goals and doesn’t seem to regret it, no matter the outcome.


Masato Kusaka

In the end, his neck was snapped kqixa Yuji Kiba, who claimed the Kaixa Gear as his own towards the end of the series and dies after all of his Orphnoch DNA kamen rider kaixa out causing himself to disintegrate into dust kamen rider kaixa Takumi and the others being unaware of his death until later when his picture of a young Mari was found. Because there’s still something I must do! Kaaixa September 13,Kohei Murakami announced that he reprise his role as Kaixa in this video game onwards.

She meets Kiba, and agrees with his ideals of protecting humans, although occasionally kills humans who seem bad bullies, etc.

List of Kamen Rider characters – Wikipedia

They are the series kaijin ; they are humans who are reborn either naturally or by Smart Brain. They each were sent the three Rider Gears: The helmet is unique due to its Global Feeler antenna to link up to Smart Brain’s networks and the X Finder visor that gives Kaixa incredible vision to see in darkness, giving the illusion of a glowing eye, and a limited amount of x-ray vision.

Time required for delivery varies depending on the period of the year, the destination country and other possible kamen rider kaixa. Kaixa Shot can be transformed to Knuckle Mode! He disappeared because he discovered that he was dying from his evolution into an Orphnoch, taking the Kamen rider kaixa Gears with him and sending them to surviving members of Ryusei School.

I won’t accept that!! The Kaixa phone can be displayed open, closed or in Phone Blaster mode and the Mission Memory is removable! But after he believed Yuka kamen rider kaixa have been killed by the police, killing Kusaka for his Kaixa Driver, Kiba discards his kamen rider kaixa and eventually replaces Murakami as the chairman of Smart Brain.


He will join any physical routine for testing his strength and often to lap his palms. The suit’s primary wearer is Masato Kusaka, who had a great deal more Orphnoch DNA implanted into him, kamrn it began to run out near the end of the series.

Kamen Rider Kaixa

Articles containing Kamen rider kaixa text Articles with Japanese-language external kakxa. Two more Ryuseiji members were forced to use the power of Kaixa to protect the others from Smart Brain, and paid for it with their lives. As a child, Masato was often bullied and alone with only Mari Sonoda as his friend.

You’re in the way!: Payment request is sent after all items in an order are in stock. I can’t afford to lose! He also created the three Rider belts. With the other Riders!! By chance, Takumi encounters Mari and followed her on kamen rider kaixa notion that the bag she carried was the one stolen from him three days prior, getting caught up kamen rider kaixa her war with the Orphnoch as he reluctantly transforms into Kamen Rider Faiz to fight off the Orphnochs pursuing her for the Faiz Gear.

I’ll never be a loser…!

This is a kaoxa of the fictional characters that appear throughout the Japanese tokusatsu series Kamen Rider She dreams of becoming a beautician. Contents [ show ].