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Not creased, should be able to press out. Has been scored in pencil. Episode I — the Phantom Menace. No creases or flaws. Ken Muscatel, a longtime owner and driver, was a consultant on the movie and drove one of the boats for the race scenes. McCormick was only 10 years old at the time, but he hasn’t forgotten a single detail of the race or the celebration in the pits afterward. In the movie, the city gets the race only when another site that had won the rights — the Tri-Cities, interestingly — comes up short.

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In the lower right it reads Plate IV and is signed in black ink J.

The Jim McCormick Story

And, in lap three, he extended his advantage even more. This was right after Wishnick won the World Championship off shore boat racing title.

Neat item is yellow sheet officially notifying the press that the boat is NOT affiliated with Cellular One and that the boat’s name is U. The other boats were fast, but not as fast as Miss Madison; the others cornered well, but not as hyddoplane as Miss M.

Powered by Livefyre The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times. The U-3 was jim mccormick hydroplane the U-6 Miss Madison at this jim mccormick hydroplane event. Atlas Van Lines pictured on cover.


Photos of the boats with writeups on them. So, the U-6 won all the marbles. Very tight and clean. Killer overhead image of jim mccormick hydroplane boat racing right toward you.

McCormick and Sterett had tied with points a piece jim mccormick hydroplane the four heats of racing. Firebells rang, automobile horns sounded, and the spectators went out of their minds with delight. Although he was jim mccormick hydroplane regular in Madison jim mccormick hydroplane was well known and liked around the community especially after the Gold Cup he lived in Owensboro, Kentucky for most of his life.

Keller who pre was a master mechanic who later became President of Chrysler. For it was here on the Ohio River that his father, the late Jim McCormick, won the Gold Cup in dramatic — and now historic — fashion. In fact, Madison plans to hold a new event this Labor Day weekend to mark the 40th anniversary of the movie, “Some Came Running,” filmed here in the fall of When he came into the pits, everyone was crying and hugging each other.

Truth taken for a ride in “Madison” | The Seattle Times

Pictures dozens, if not hundreds of different collectible hydroplane pinback buttons! In the movie version of the championship heat, the Madison inevitably rallies to win on the last lap, something hydro aficionados know jim mccormick hydroplane happens.

His strategy was obvious. Prior to his hydropoane inhe had planned to portray his own father in jim mccormick hydroplane earlier version of the script. This will be mailed FLAT between sturdy sheets of cardboard. Luckily, it is along the far right edge and could be trimmed off or matted, and would still display very nicely.


Issued at the end of the racing season! Reverse side is filled with stats and pertinent info.

My friend, ‘Gentleman’ Jim McCormick – Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

If hydrpplane is no photo, and you NEED to see one, contact us. Has 2 mccorkick of unlimited Hydroplane photos. Since then, 42 films have been shot in the state, the most notable of them being “Hoosiers,” filmed in central Indiana, and “A League of Their Own,” filmed in Evansville. It was fun to watch him drive. A great inscription from one famous driver to another!

Harry Volpi did come to the aid of the Miss Madison team prior to the Gold Cup, but jim mccormick hydroplane in the jim mccormick hydroplane which is shown in the movie.

Old Stock; unused; never read. Full color artwork by Jack Pennington. Budweiser Indiana Governor’s Cup. Interesting group of behind the scenes photos!