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Yesterday my day started out like you only imagine, I get home from work and sit down and do a quick scan of the players playing 1-2 shorthanded to see if there is a soft game that I can take advantage of. Lee Jones Blessed me with 2 guys playing heads up against each other with good stacks of over 100$ and both had notes. I check my notes and one says weak tight Donk and the other is Super Donk.

Needless to say I jump right in and start mixing it up with them and before I know it I am already up 38$ after 5 or 6 hands. 20BB in 5-6 hands I am in heaven, then my internet cuts out. WTF??? My bozo roommate was taking our router to get a new one and knows that I play poker during these hours. I scream upstairs to him that I was in the middle of a hand and he tells me he needs to go now. So I take an early Bad Beat.

Take a quick nap and wait until he gets home with the new router and I can go back at my session. He gets home but CTH is on the account, I boot his Donk ass off and go on an absolute tear. By the time my tear is over I am down 120$. Just some sick beats coupled with tough hands. KK capped 3 ways PF (I am on the button) flop comes J-10-8 2 hearts its bet and raised coming to me I muck, most certainly reeks and its capped on the flop so I saved 2 BB although I had the overpair turns out it was 88 vs. J8 it ended up a nice pot. Nice to know both those donkeys got real lucky. Thats how it was going for me.

I do a quick scan of the 2-4 games and find a semi weak one and hop in. I am like a roller coaster up 50$ after my first hands then loose it all back over the next 15 hands. Eventually I started to find a groove and finished my session up a whopping 13$ considering my 120$ downswing finishing up with any profit was a nice way to end my session.

I did some work for my new poker project and then decided to screw around in the 1-2 game and play like 50 hands. Finished up just about 50$ so I made 63$ on the night.

Another Donkey Day!

Another day of edumacation, another day of being a donk at jala slot . I forgot to look at how many hands I played, probably about 200 at 1/2 6-handed on stars. Checkraise had done a great job building the roll and had it near $1,000, around $980 if I remember right. He left for awhile so I played and dreamed of seeing 4 digits (before the decimals hit) in a poker account that I was on. Remeber folks, I’m not just you’re average degenerate.

Anyway, I played and stayed even for awhile. I started building and eventually got to about 998. I was one pot away and then my entire table left. Time for a new table. Felon was playing with me at the previous table so I just went to his new one. We weren’t colluding incase anyone was wondering. I picked up like a 5 dollar pot to go over and I almost took a screenshot, but decided against it. I continued to build a roll. One hand I remember particuraly was reading felon and pwning him with ace high (SFO). But as the roll got higher, the donkstrikes came and the bad play by me came. I got down to $955 and called it quits. I went and ate some cookies…felt a little better.

In closing, GL to micon at the WPT Foxwoods event. I think he’s doing pretty good.