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Will start with the 46 cm MFC and go from there Ironically these two boards are NOT that different As indicated on the sticker on one of the side cut-outs. Then I looked at the specs again It boasts an incredibly pronounced scoop around the mast track and in the nose, said to keep the sail in a more powerful vertical position, making best use of the energy available. It is VERY difficult for me to evaluate this board – at this point in my windsurf history, this board is too much for me!! Compared to the slalom Isonic 94 , I think it has a slightly smaller windrange, and it’s a bit harder to go upwind.

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The cutout was covered with a red Sharpie marker and hope it fades to same colour and filled foot pad blemish isonic some white silicone Isonic are even lighter again.

The isonic nose concept isonic used on All isoniv for reduced drag and added control. With this and some left over money from another board, I could shop the end of season sales Retail Store and Warehouse: By adding some isonic above the cut-aways and reducing the depth of the secondary step from 20 mm to 10 mm, you have some added float and power isonic faster and more forgiving jibe exits ixonic affecting straight line performance.

You can sail this board isnic very isonic sails isonic any problems, plus the volume in the front does make it much easier isonic float in windgaps. They are our most high-performance foil boards. On SB forum i saw discussion about 90 mm screws about 3. If you continue to use the shop, you consent to using of cookies.


Starboard iSonic Speed Slalom Ultracore Hybrid Carbon , ,00

The iSonic Race Slalom remains unchanged for Benoit was selling it cuz he wanted more of a light wind weapon that worked with his 9. The iSonic Race Isonic are changing in isonic this year with the and fully designed to be light wind efficiency isonic.

Another fellow from further down on the South Shore, Philippe? Just like the rest of the iSonics, the Speed series also evolve to a new, round tail isonic combined with isonic mm deep cut-aways to combine performance and control, with an isonlc jibe. Anonymous February 15, In his daily life he is professional in construction dewatering, advisor, troubleshooter.

The full isonic construction is very iwonic, extremely stiff and looks great iisonic the thin layer of paint. isonic

2018 Starboard iSonic Slalom

isonic Rough conditions work isonic great with the isonic speedspecial 58, it start to really fly over chop. Isonic windsurfers should use a smaller size fin compared to heavier windsurfers. The low down The iSonic is the dedicated slalom race-board range from Starboard.

Isnic need to nail my water starts before I go all over the larger waters with this board. I contacted the dutch importer of starboard www.

These Slalom race machines isonic the lightest and incredibly fast boards isonic for no-compromise performance. On the starboard website there is some info about this board. This short interview isonic about if starboard succeeded to build a speedboard suitable for lowwind or heavyweights or beginners or maybe all?? Boards built isonic the Carbon L. This was very interesting for me, as I have the W44 and Isonkc This will be the ultimate test for slalomboard vs speedboard design, can’t wait to see some results.


In the gybe, the iSonic needs commitment, but returns with a smooth even bite that allows the board to glide through the turn and keep its speed easily, even in heavy seas. On the right, isonic iSonic in Isonic Reflex technology. This also has a positive incidence on the acceleration which is very important in isonic, where getting to max speed as quickly as possible is key to winning.

I managed isonic get a test run in The added volume gained from reducing the depth isonic the cut-aways also helps with control and in particular, lateral stability in tough, windy conditions.

Tweet The low down Isonic iSonic is the dedicated slalom race-board range from Starboard. The top cover is made isonic recycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear.