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I couldn’t believe 5 players were in a pot this late in the game. Here’s the list: slothoki


MN_Tricky is at seat 0 with 15190.

highrez is at seat 1 with 9865.

Socal is at seat 2 with 1260.

I’m at seat 6 with 14225.

vinny422 is at seat 9 with 2400.

The button is at seat 8.

The pot is already up over 10000.

The flop is 5-3-2, two hearts. My nemesis and highrez check in front of me. So do I. Was I afraid of trap? That was dumb. When you’re in late position, use that advantage!

The turn brings a J of clubs. Works for me! Both check in front of me again and I bet 1500. They both call.

The river brings a 4 of diamonds. That means anyone who’s playing an slothoki Ace has a straight. My nemesis checks, but highrez goes all-in.

I have to call, right? The only card that beats me is a 6, and who’s playing a 6? I call, my nemesis folds.

Naturally, highrez flips A-6 suited. My hand beat the other short stacks, but it doesn’t matter. My hand was also the winner before the river.

Why didn’t I bet more on the turn!?!?!? I clearly had the hand of strength and a good stack. I could have bought the pot right there.

Suddenly, I’m in very bad shape.

Hand #217

Four hands later, I’m in the 1200 big blind with just 4360 chips. The poker gods sent me another pair of lovely ladies.

Unfortunately, the poker gods are joksters because everyone folded in front of me. I won just 600 chips.

Hand #222

Big slick comes my way five hands later. I’m the second bettor and instead of going all-in, I just raise to 2400. Why?

It doesn’t matter because everyone folds and I take the 1800 blinds.

Hand #227

I’m in a late position, next to the button when I get a pair of 6’s. Pairs have been good to me. I’m dying in the blinds and have to make a move.

A big stack raises to 4200 in front of me. He’s clearly saying, “Stay away from me.” I wasn’t listening because I raise all-in.

He calls, and the showdown is A-Q vs. my 6’s. Once again, it’s a pair vs. two overcards. This matchup has been very good to me.

The flop is Q-4-K. Ugh. Turn out the lights, the party is over. My luck has run out.

The turn is a 7 and the river is a 6. Well, it was fun. I’m glad I made it… what? What was that card? A 6?!?!?!?

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dolohov, the guy with A-Q, is not as happy as I. I’m suddenly back up to 10520.

Hand #228

The very next hand, I get A-Q off suit. Not bad. After two folds in front of me, I raise to 2400.

highrez, who’s now the biggest stack at the table, calsl me. He was in the big blind, so it doesn’t hurt him much.

The flop is 5-4-3, two spades. If he bets, I’m out. Thankfully, he checks, and so do I.

The turn brings a Q. He checks and I bet 1200. He folds. That 5400 chips boost takes me to 15000 and 8th place.

Hand #235

The 800/1600 blinds have knocked me down to 11520 when I get my first cowboys of the tournament.

Everyone folds to me and I raise to 3200. Everyone also folds after me. Damn. A few thousand chips take me to 13920 and 7th place.

Hand #238

I’m in a middle position when I get A-3 suited. Two fold in front of me and I raise to 3200.

Everyone folds and a few thousand chips take me to 16320, still 7th.

Hand #248

It’s another A-10 unsuited. I’m UTG and raise to 3200. My nemesis, MN_Tricky, now one of the short stacks, calls me. So does dolohov, the guy I bad-beated earlier, but he’s got more chips than I do.

The flop is A-7-3, rainbow. Hmmm. dolohov checks. I go all-in. I had a feeling. Top pair, no flush draw, no straight draw, and a good kicker.

My nemesis calls, but dolohov folds. I like my chances, but she flips the same A-10 I have, both unsuited.

We chop the pot and I’m up to 13920 and 6th place.

Hand #265

Wow, the 1000/2000 blinds have me down to 7920. I’m on the button with A-8 suited.

Everyone folds in front of me so I raise to 4000 and the big blind calls me. “mj23457” has a 6-to-1 chip lead over me.

The flop comes J-J-4, no help for my flush. MJ checks, and I take a chance, going all-in with my remaining 3920 chips.

Thankfully he folds, and I’m up to 12920.

Hand #267

Just two hands later, it’s another suited Ace, this time with a 7. I long for my pocket pairs.

Two folds in front of me and I raise to 4000. The smalles stack at the table goes all-in, and highrez also calls me.

The flop is 3-9-A, two spades. That gives me top pair and a flush draw. highrez checks and I go all-in. highrez folds.

That leaves me and the small stack, and all he has is a pair of jacks.

The 7 on the turn and Q on the river are no help to him and I’m back up to 16760 and 7th place.

A few hands later, I ‘m down to 12760, but after a knock-out, I make the final table!! In fact, I’m in 7th place!

final table!!!!! 12760, 7th place

Hand #21: Final Table

I have just 8260 chips and I’m in the big blind of 3000. I wish I had played a few hands up to this point, but I’ve been scared.

Nine players are left, and I look down at my first Ace in a long time. I make the decision to go all-in before anyone else even bets.

I figure the small blind will knock me down to just 3700 chips if I don’t play now. That will invite all the big stacks to call me no matter what I have.

Maybe going all-in now, I can steal some blinds and stay alive.

Unfortunately, highrez is on the button and he goes all-in for 15295 in front of me.

The small blind folds and it’s decision time. I tell myself he’s just trying to buy it, but I don’t really believe that. I call anyway.

He flips A-7 unsuited, and I quickly see that only a 5 saves me… or a miracle 2-3-4.

The flop is K-6-J. No help. The turn is a 9. No help. When the 4 comes on the river, I’m through.

It was my first final table in a long, long time, and I think I was intimidated. I should have played some hands I laid down, but hindsight is always 20/20.

I finish in ninth place and win $54.50. I wish I had stuck around for just a little while longer, I could have used the money!