How to Push Your Website on Google Discovery?

  • In a recent post, Google officially provided a glimpse into the new and updated conditions under which your website can show on Google Discovery. This holds a massive significance to content publishers as it can provide a massive load of traffic on their respective websites. 
  • Google Discovery is aggregated content that is shown on the Android phone’s homepage, both the app and the web version. Each Discovery feed is based on the user’s search preferences, history, favorite topics, and places they follow.    

How to show your content on Google Discovery?

Before we get into what it takes for your content to be shown on Google’s Discovery, one needs to learn what is unacceptable to be shown on Google Discovery. The list of things that are against their basic principles includes:

  • Spammy content
  • Confidential and personal information
  • Medical content
  • Profanity 
  • Gore content
  • Adult content
  • Dangerous and harassing content

On the other hand, if you aim for your content to be shown on Google Display, the latest guidelines include having:

  • Content that offers a unique insight into an event, product, or topic.
  • Content that describes a recent and popular event event
  • Content that is not misleading in any way, but provides clear data, bylines, information, and is backed by a reputable media organization
  • Content that includes high-quality images. Large images (minimum 1200px wide) are always favored. 
  • Titles that capture the essence of the content and in no way are misleading.

Other things that matter

  • No structured data or special tags are needed so your content becomes eligible for Google Discovery. 
  • Just because your content is eligible for Google Discovery it doesn’t mean that it will be shown in its feed
  • If your content is picked for Google Discovery you can follow your performance via the Performance Report for Discovery.


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