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It’s not just an evolution, but more than that, it’s a revolution of Data Logger. Choose a sub category: It also has an extra long battery life, and has an easy to use interface. Cleans mounting surface for stronger suction cup performance. With non-slip on the base and its compact design, the BU is completely self-contained and waterproof.

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A great little product for map reading and holux gps gr-213 with lap top computers. It not only gd-213 as a tracker but also as a holux gps gr-213 cell phone with two-way voice communication to keep in touch with those whom are important to you, with pre-programmed phone numbers via a single button dialing. At least 3 of them have purchased one. This device can be utilized to ggps you back to a point on your path that has been set as a destination or a favorite.

Fast shipping and handeling.

I have used ordinary Garmin navigator befor but cost of it several times more than Holux. Worked as stated om both Windows and Linux. Do not purchase this item for Linux or Unix holux gps gr-213


They love it too. Skip to main content. Trek M3, M5, i. They have not bothered to even respond. Jolux I’m waiting on this one for a full evaluation. It can transmit the longitude holux gps gr-213 latitude coordinates to your cell phone by the short message service. I have absolutely no use for Bill Gate’s junky, almost usless OS.

HOLUX GR Mini GPS Receiver /Data Logger

As A full time cruiser, it is important to always have an accurate position for my boat. I think well priced. At the time I had it my system detected it and received data but I had not gotten the maping software holux gps gr-213 at the time holux gps gr-213 a new laptop and system. This Holux GPS receiver is a small-sized wonder that tracks up to 20 satellites at a time and update position data every second.

The Gr–213 includes a high sensitivity GPS receiver, new courses feature and robust wireless heart rate monitor tps optimal performance.

Bought it to use it in my boat. It is compact and portable. Cleans mounting surface for stronger suction cup performance.

Holux GR-213U Handheld

You may also like. Holux is the chipest and simple way to have navigation with Garmin mobile PC. Holux gps gr-213 new 51 channels MTK chipset offers improved performance and enhanced power saving features. Optional Li-Ion Battery for holux gps gr-213. With optional mapping software and a Bluetooth enabled display device such as laptop, PDA, or SmartPhone, you can find your way to any destination without asking for directions or fumbling maps.


GPS for Lap tops. This carry case is the ideal accessory for your Bluetooth GPS receivers: I’m sure for those who use MicroSnot OS computers this thing works. The Globalsat DG is a travel recorder that allows you to record exactly where you or anyone else has traveled via GPS.

Join our mailing list! Show More Show Less. All it needs is the USB cable i.