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Please also note, questions about the status of an order should always be directly sent to our Order Support team HERE. At least I solved it in my system and I don’t know if others will have the same problem that I figured out. DJ Phatso , Dec 30, There are other weird things like this but you get the point. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt out if you wish. Virtual DJ LE worked fine.

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Do you already have hercules dj console mk4 asio account? But after i import the tsi file and go to the controller-manager the mk4 shows up in the devices the mk4 shows up and i also put the mk4 on the in-port and out-port it all comes up like it said in the pdf. Virtual DJ LE hercules dj console mk4 asio cojsole.

Also, moving the left volume fader also moves the pitch bender on the softwareand moving the right volume fader cycles through my songs again in the software. The Institutions are open social offers and free for all young who we can get from the streets of Hamburg, saying this just to make a picture of where we are using the gear, and logically then a herules institution.

If you did all this, normally it should work, given that your MK4 is installed properly to start with: DJ PhatsoDec 29, Please also note, questions about the status of an order should always be directly sent dk our Hercles Support team HERE. Your name or email address: The problem with this message is that the Virtual DJ program will open up but it wouldn’t play any track I dragged onto either deck.


We were allowed though to test the software with controller for 10 hercules dj console mk4 asio. It should be Input 1, 2, 3, hercules dj console mk4 asio, and Output 1, 2, 3, and 4, right? If you Traktor is not legit then you will not be able to update to the latest version, and you should stop asking paying customers for help. So here it goes I found the information somewhere deep deep in the Intel Tech site.

I plug in the mk4, wait til the light comes on, launch traktor, load the tsi file, and I checked the input and outputs in the traktor preferences, and it only shows “Line in 0” and “Line in 1” as my options.

Hi everyone, This forum is now closed for posting! You need to upgrade to the latest version.

cnosole Back to the topics. Obviously i cant use a mic, and ive not tested headphones. Run VDJ, and it takes too long when loading external devices, then if im lucky it wont hercules dj console mk4 asio in my first 1 or 2 songs sending an error in my hercules device that windows is not recognigzing the device.

Posted Wed 05 Dec hercules dj console mk4 asio 2: Did you start by downloading the MIDI profile? We googled for clues all friday night and I am educated PC-supporter and programmer before I got socialworker, so it’s not the first time I have to do with Driver errors. As described in the instructions provided by Hercules, the MIDI In and Out need to be assigned correctly to the profile you want to use.



It is legit I bought it at sam ash over here in phoenix but ill hercules dj console mk4 asio updating it. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt out if you wish. Es setzt aus, dann geht’s wieder dann stockt es wieder wie man auch an dem Rad sehen kann. So what is the best setup then hercules dj console mk4 asio have ASIO active? This is for english language only.

If you are able to launch the applications normally, then the control panel and the ASIO driver are working correctly and that the problem is most probably related to the VDJ installation.

What also might work is disable your onboard soundcard before installing VDJ, keep it disabled and then use MK4 as only soundcard but this I cannot verifynor is it the optimal solution.

Hercules Hercules DJ Console Mk4 ASIO how to download and install the driver

I’m using Traktor Pro 1. I’m not sure how to setup it right. I will get back to that in my conclusion. The Hercules TSI will work with version 1. No, I read through that PDF several times and it simply doesn’t work.