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The editing of the image will be waiting until the scanned image data is saved. It has useful features for file management and file sharing such as image linking, auto de-skew, auto de-speckle, background color suppression, re-touching and deleting together with search function, thumbnail view and display tree of image files. The menu screen is displayed for each function. Even for the batch scan, scanning can be done in simple operation using the function of the automatic file name assignment. Also, it can easily be configured the settings such as color or monochrome, document type, document size, print size, number of copies. Graphtec Large Format Scanners. Graphtec scanners exhibit a faster throughput when it is used in this image processing way.

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The site features a large selection graphtec scanner Graphtec scanners at extremely competitive prices. The CSX features 36″ wide scanning, with speeds of up to 1. When the setting of the Gray balance on the software is set to the OFF, the scajner light green sourse is used for scanning the document. This reflected light is received in turn by the Graphtec scanner sensor, which performs the actual scanning.

This large size copying system can be used very conveniently just graphtec scanner a photocopying machine. The hue and saturation are specified to unify the differences in color graphtec scanner between devices. Enables color consistency based on the colors in the original data and enables grapntec partial data and editing data, while the broad range of text tools makes it easy to process drawings. Color editing Lets you convert colors into monochrome or reduce the number of colors.


Intel Pentium D 2. It has better color reproduction performance when the value is smaller number. It is also compatible with Adobe RGB mode, allowing for a wider gamut of color reproduction. Fill Lets you color graphtec scanner using graduated color, set translucent colors, or add frames.

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Click here to find out about the Graphtec Advantage and why these large format scanners are more Affordable, Faster, produce Sharper images and are designed to provide years of graphtec scanner free graphtec scanner. All are easily handled by Scanning Master Pro Color.

File search Lets you search with various search parameters while viewing graphtec scanner. The editing of the image will be waiting until the scanned image data is saved. Also includes a comprehensive search function.

Click Here for Graphtec Scanners! Text input In graphtec scanner to standard text input, this function lets you insert text along rivers or roads.

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Viewer function Lets you graphtec scanner contents via the thumbnail viewer. LUXios Real Image Enhanced the color reproduction Graphtec proprietary color matching technology enables production of images with accurate color reproduction and uniformity. Enable All Save Changes. Graphtec Large Format Scanners. Graphtec scanner Editing Enables color consistency based on the colors in the original data and enables extracting partial data and editing data, graphtec scanner the broad range of text tools makes it easy to process drawings.


A mechanism supporting the underside of the document enhances document feed reliability. Graphtec have developed the high-precision image scanner sticking to the process of the light and image.

Linking drawing Lets you link tiled data such as roads or maps. Triple light source in the CIS is used to create graphtec scanner light for scanning in the grayscale.

Graphtec Scanners

The CSX graphtec scanner unparalleled scanning speeds of 10 ips monochrome and 3. Advanced Scanning Engine – LUXios – LUXios It is a coined word that symbolizes the proprietary technology of Graphtec scanners, focusing on the process of the “reading the light” and “creating the image in fast”.

Despeckling, deskewing, 4-point correction, and linking multiple sheets of data are just a few of the various correction functions required after scanning color or graphtec scanner data. Convenient, reliable face-up document loading even easier to use. It improves color reproduction of the printed document. Graphtec scanner just a few examples of exciting Graphtec scanners available at www. Take, for instance, the Graphtec IS Pro.