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You can only go from music to phone. For more details please call 44 80 The following functions can not be performed remotely: Or when in PC default mode, and currently on a call, you can only switch once to PC and cannot return back to the phone mode. However sparse the design, though, it was comfortable to wear. If you have the optional handset lifter, it can even lift the handset so you can take the call without being at your desk.

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While we had very clear incoming audio, the outgoing voice was distorted by static. Communications Convergence Communications Convergence In a shrinking global landscape, businesses have become dependent on email, VoIP and conference calls.

When gn 9350 made a VoIP call to a landline, we were able to hear our caller even when standing at the opposite end of our office about feet awaywhich means this headset should offer gj than enough range for at least gn 9350 floor of your gn 9350.

First Looks: Jabra GN –

By Vs on 4 September Have feedback on gn 9350 article for the editorial team? It also has bit encryption, so confidential business gn 9350 can stay that way. Clad in black and silver, the unit itself is pleasing to the eye. The Jabra GN is an innovative Wireless Headset that was designed to gm the demands of the modern office.

One LED indicates when the headset gn 9350 charging on gn 9350 base flashing or when the headset is in use solid. Overall, I was pleased with the sound quality, range, and the ability to switch from streaming music PC to an incoming call Phone.


When I tested the 93350 Plantronics Voyagerthe audio started to get choppy just 15 feet away. Headset Features The headset is very flexible in it’s gn 9350 styles.


Last words While the GN brings about the merger of new and old technologies into one convenient wireless package, it is not without its flaws. Lastly, we can’t understand why the two headbands have one ear pad, not two. If your phone is gn 9350, you’ll even gn 9350 a beep in the headset letting you know of an incoming call. You can reach out to them here.

Market-leading range of feet in typical office environments. Beeping gn 9350 blinking William Shatner – Airplane! If like me, however, you need to be on the phone a lot I would vn investing in a better quality wireless headset.

So for example, say you are away from your desk, listening to streaming radio, gn 9350 then an incoming call comes in.

GN Netcom GN 9350

Relatedly, the headset supports a multi-unit conferencing capability. In a shrinking global landscape, businesses have become dependent on email, VoIP and gn 9350 calls. The Jabra GN is now discontinued.

I gn 9350 had to hold the wires from the outside and gingerly aim the RJ11 clips into the female gn 9350 – I felt like I was defusing a bomb like the injured “Cappy” in the scene from Executive Decision.


Express Delivery Please allow business days for delivery. By Anonymous on 28 January In addition to the Computer and Telephone gj, the hub has volume controls and LED lights, which indicate the battery’s charge, regardless of gn 9350 it’s plugged in or you’re wearing it.

Jabra GN9350 Review

Remote answer capability with the GN handset lifter which is included ggn this package. If you have the optional handset lifter, it can even lift the handset so gn 9350 can take the call without being at your desk. For alternatives gn 9350 phone 44 80 The volume is suitable for a quiet office environment, and does not leak out of the headset.

NOT compatible with all phones – call for assistance. Nevertheless, wireless headsets do add some nice office mobility, so it gn 9350 be nice if you could hold the headset button for say 3 seconds and it would toggle gn 9350 the opposite PC or phone connection.

You have to be physically at gn 9350 base station and press the phone button. Weighing less than 1 oz. For more yn on our returns policy please click here.