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By uncletom10 , May 22, in GPS. You gotta have some chip in there as a go between for the serial interface of the unit and the USB of the PC. To do this, remove it from the blacklist by commenting out the relevent line. The fellow in this thread was pointed to an integrated unit option 1 from a manufacturer whose product seems to be working fine for a number of users. While device files are usually owned by root, they are group-owned by some group. In my time there I sold these serial to USB adapters all the time.

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And you won’t find one of those at Radio Shack.

Your Etrrex should also show up in lsusb output: If garmij, you will have to run gpsbabel as root or with sudo. There’s only one common way to bridge that gap. The reason I say this is because I worked at a Microcenter for four years during college. By uncletom10May 22, in GPS. Through the course of the dozens of ‘duplicate’ threads that have been started on this same topic, I’ve been recommending this source http: Its a common USB cable used on garmin etrex usb electronic items now days.

However, there are garmin etrex usb niggles to get around. Im not sure what it is but many of those adapters have weird compatibility problems and seldom work.

USB Garmin on GNU/Linux

The blacklist may already exist on Ubuntu and Debian systems. I agree with what you are saying garmin etrex usb allow me to clarify what I meant. Linux Gazette Any local electronics retailer will have the USB cable you need. Garmin etrex usb, there are enough old Garmin units out there to make it worthwhile for people to manufacture these serial to USB conversion cables properly known as a “serial to USB bridge adapter”.


I as well as many others got my etrex USB cable off ebay. Chances are your son may have an extra one lying around. For whatever reason people seem to have many more problems trying to get a serial cable with the adapters to work.

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Maybe it was an issue with whatever they were trying to use, other times it may have garmin etrex usb a driver issue, but in the end most of them ended up coming back because of the issues garmin etrex usb ran into. He’ll need an inline solution to use with an existing serial cable option 2. The only place you uab find one is radio shack if you are lucky.

In my time there I sold these serial to USB adapters all the time. And yes, those can be problematic.

Much of the software that reads the current position from GPS devices does so via gpsd. To do this, remove it from tarmin blacklist by commenting out the garmin etrex usb line. When you have a GPS with a serial connection you can do one of two options You don’t necessarily need a serial to USB converter to make it work.


USB Garmin on GNU/Linux – OpenStreetMap Wiki

You just told that guy with the old Magellan the same thing, and he’s got the same problem. Would that be one stop bit or two today, sir?

I haven’t seen that grmin pin type cable in any electronics store in some time. Most of garmin etrex usb newer units use a mini USB cable which is available everywhere but the older etrex units like the old non-H vista use that weird propritary ggarmin pin cable. garmin etrex usb

Connect your device to a USB port, then run dmesg. For example, change MODE above to:. To fix garmin etrex usb permissions, you need to tell the system to create the device files with the required permissions.

Im not sure why but having the serial to USB conversion built in the cable seems to work much better. Garmin USB on Linux. You gotta have some chip in there as a go between for the serial interface of the unit garmin etrex usb the USB of the PC.