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If you have a male DVI-I connector, it will have one flat metal prong at one end surronded by the 4 small pins. Not being able to boot into windows with PEG selected points to something deficient with GE or its driver? How many disk drives are installed? Surely you can find somewhere close to test without having to drive 2 hours?!?! February 13, ,

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I had an Radeon series card working fine with this g41mt-s2 vga, but G441mt-s2 just tried to install a Radeon HD and the motherboard won’t detect it at all. Got me stumped why the card powers but nothing get detected.

If so have you been able to set the monitors configuration set-up you desire? Use DM and G41mt-s2 vga signature block as benchmarks. In your situation where g41mr-s2 have set the G41mt-s2 vga VGA to always enabled means that it will work even when a external GPU is present in the slot.

If you can’t even boot with that g41mt-s2 vga, you may need to do that with an g41mt-s2 vga card, then shut down and install the new card and try again. Hello Sam, Please post the full part number for your GeForce video card?


Your is multiple display capable, why can you use it?

Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2 Driver Motherboard Download (rev) – Download Motherboard Driver

Suggest you re-seat the video card and double check its power connectors. Thanks for both of you for keeping up with me Quote. Hope this works for you, good g41mt-s2 vga. As the title says: What Nvidia video driver g41mt-s2 vga are you using?

How many disk drives are installed? If not please update using Qflash or DOS. The monitor just stays black when using the slotted card and the motherboard will not recognize it when using the onboard graphics.

Specify the video connections you are using g41mt-s2 vga onboard g41mt-s2 vga Ge Force Does it have or Video memory? g41mt-2

Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P Specs – CNET

G41mt-s2 vga I am asking if ‘Onboard’ and ‘PEG’ are functionally the same other than determining the initial boot display? Dark Mantis 10typesofpeopleoneswhoknow binaryandoneswhodont. You can’t test at your work, neighbors, friends, family members, another PC in your house?

September 20, Even with the new card installed, the motherboard does g41mt-s2 vga detect it and uses the onboard g41mt-s2 vga. Here are some more for you to consider. This could be due to two things.

It is then transfer to Windows for its start up.


I g41mt-s2 vga even install the drivers for the cards. Or are there other functional differences after the computer has booted? The other monitor should remain blank g41mt-s2 vga this portion. Have you got both the power cables connected to the graphics card?

Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2 (rev. 1.3 User Manual: Advanced Chipset Features

Or you modify windows video settings and NVidia control panel afterwards to make the LCD attached to your motherboard 1 primary. Home Help Login Register. It will open a new page. Once you have g41mt-s2 vga your video settings with Windows and Nvidia Control Panel, do not change your g41mt-s2 vga or move LCD displays around.

Nvidia driver is the latest which is To g41mt-s2 vga the member profile to enter your system’s parameters simply look at the top of this page for g41mt-s2 vga “PROFILE” button and click on it. Thank you Dark Mantis, I understand what you have explained.