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Full-Tilt-꽁머 니사이트 Poker-FTOPS-8-Event-22

Pot Limit Omaha Hi can be a very swingy game, with small edges being pushed all the time. Add to it a $100 rebuy, and you get an extremely interesting event, which is just what happened in FTOPS VIII Event #22, a $100 rebuy, Pot Limit Omaha event. This event ran at the same time as Event #21, the $2.5k, 2-day event. 939 players showed up, increasing the $350k Guarantee up to $370.2k, and creating a solid first place prize of $85k.

Some strong players fell just short of the big prize, such as bobcards2, better known as t_soprano, who made the transition from Magic: The Gathering to online poker a long time ago, and has been known as one of the strongest players online for a very long time. He fell in 13th place, taking away $2,591.40. Nenad Medic had the best finish of any Full Tilt Pro, busting in 20th for $1,443.78. Also joining Medic and bobcards in the boat of strong player just missing the final table was Chris “Genius28” Lee. If you haven’t been under a rock, you’re well aware of Genius28 and his undeniable cash game prowess, as he’s been a mainstay at High 꽁머니사이 Stakes No Limit cash games online for quite some time now, creating a formidable reputation. Unfortunately, he busted in 23rd for $1,443.78 as well.

As for the final table, it was a bit lacking on star power, but that’s not to take anything away from these players, as they quite obviously played solid games to get to where they were, as working through this field of 939 players was no easy feat. The most notable player at the final table had to be theASHMAN103. That name might not ring a bell to some, or most people. However, his real name is Ashton Griffin, and after making this final table, he final tabled the LAPT San Jose event a week later – the same one our very own Max “Massimo” Steinberg took 2nd in – taking 7th place and coming away with $28,955. However, he had a much better finish in this final table. He took it down, claiming the $85,146 first place prize, and the gold jersey. Congratulations to Ashton Griffin for a solid $110k+ week!


Please continue to keep posted to FTR Blogs in the next few days; we wrap up our coverage of FTOPS VIII! Below is a list of all the players who cashed FTOPS Event #22, in its entirety.


Place      Player ID      $ Won

1     theASHMAN103     $85,146.00

2     Frooodo     $53,679.00

3     callURmum     $39,796.50

4     Rollover2k     $30,541.50

5     Dr44gzGn0k     $23,137.50

6     SplitOpenAndMel     $16,659.00

7     slobadon75     $11,106.00

8     mcmarkrazz     $8,662.68

9     XR8     $6,293.40