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In Forums Streacom DB6 – a heatpipe dream? DVD playback is perfect though, especially through DVI, and the processing speed copes with highdefinition video. While it looks cool on the outside, has more options than the low-calorie hot chocolate shelf in Sainsbury’s and performs better than a lot of machines twice its size and price , it’s not the complete ‘media centre’. I wouldn’t wish that trouble on anyone. Multimedia features look excellent.

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All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Now, it seems little PCs that are not notebooks are everywhere. It’s more fiddly to set ez buddie and use in comparison to its most complicated entertainment electronics counterparts.

The mix of LED ex, including the super-cool blue that’s all the rage, the brushed aluminum ez buddie the black trim all combine for a sharp, appealing modern look. However, enthusiasts will obviously ez buddie the way a hard drive is installed: MP3 and TV tuner with possible capture?

There are no LEDs, later we will explain why. This is an ordinary ‘tower’, though a small one. Why the clock speed 2. The Second Encounter ez buddie.

Review: ECS EZ-Buddie SFF PC

There is only one 5″ bay and one 3″ bay. Finally, let’s have a ez buddie at effectiveness of the EZ-Buddie’s cooler in normal conditions no overclocking.


At the same time, this system is much more interesting than a usual mini-tower, ez buddie of all, thanks to the unique functionality of the EZ-Watcher. Below, you can see the white interchangeable face budxie for the EZ-Buddie.

ECS EZ-Buddie (D1, S) (Page 1/8) :: Articles :: ®

The components and means used in the system together ez buddie one of the “hottest” modern processors bring perfect scores, and there is even some reserve for more powerful models ez buddie overclocking. Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments.

Unfortunately, the images stored aren’t as good as a dedicated HDD recorder. Our Verdict Looks good, but it’s not the complete media centre. There is no need in one more fan, which makes possible to avoid unnecessary noise. Although the machine uses Showshifter rather than Media Center, the rest of the ez buddie packaged is sporadic. The shortage of integrated multimedia features can be offset by two extension cards. There doesn’t ez buddie to have been the same care and effort made to integrate the utilities for DVD burning which I had problems with and ended up installing Nero or ripping that Moore Innovations took with its rival Medio device.

Coupled ez buddie a carefully selected external accelerator, the system will be much stronger.

Elitegroup EZ Buddie: A Facelift And A New Cooling System – Cooler and Quieter Barebones PCs?

A large array of buttons and glowing dials exemplifies this. The covers ez buddie the front panel maintains the general style until the devices and connectors hidden under them are needed. We already mentioned that the radio was actually controlled independently and is ez buddie dependant on the rest of the PC.


DVD playback is perfect though, especially through DVI, and the processing speed copes with ez buddie video. The other part of the panel indicates overclocking. ECS barebone system we are biddie today is the least radical among its siblings that we have recently tested.

You will have to be au fait with PCs already to get it to work the way you want.

Neat features Another ez buddie feature is an FM radio that works irrespective of whether the PC is on or off. Ez buddie Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. In contrast, the EZ-Buddie measures just xx mm and has a nonstandard exterior. Even though we saw a pre-production sample, the thermal capabilities rz the unit were ez buddie good. The cooler is recommended for processors clocked at 2. Log in Don’t have an account?