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Inappropriate reviews will not be posted. Submit a Request Knowledgebase. CameraBase ZoomFactor Gets or sets the current zoom factor. NearPlane Gets the near plane of the Camera. Panasonic, the well known electronics brand, produces excellent camera sensors that the makers of Eyeshot could not pass up. Awesome Videos Are Within Eyeshot with Watch Remote Control The Eyeshot Full HD Action Camera is a beautiful piece of technology inside and out, starting with the fact that it is the only action camera that comes with a watch remote control, allowing you to see what you are filming while you are filming it. Newsletter for Wholesale about the latest offers and deals Subscribe today!

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The watch is really cool. Package Details Sports Camera 2.

EYESHOT Full HD Action Camera w/ Display Remote

Moves the camera along the axes of its own coordinate system. Location Gets eyeshot camera sets the camera location eye point.

CameraBase quat Inherited from devDept. Name Description Camera Constructor Overloaded.

Wholesale Eyeshot Action Camera – Full HD Helmet Camera From China

eyeshot camera CameraBase ProjectionMode Gets or sets the camera projection mode. LookAt Aims the camera. ProjectionMatrix Gets or sets the camera Projection matrix. Superb Camera, nice eyeshot camera, I like it very much. Name Description Size Inherited from devDept. Other item in the list.


In stock now, we guarantee that this Eyeshot Full HD Action Camera can be dispatched within one working day with a 12 months warranty. Please contact Customer Service. Checks whether a point is inside the given frustum planes. This product eyeshot camera out of stock, and not eyeshot camera back.

Pleasing picture quality, right up there with GoPro in my opinion. Good value for the price. Eyeshot camera Gets the far clipping plane position.

ViewNormal Gets the eyeshot camera view normal. Eyeshot camera if the camera is on your head, on your bike, your car, etc. Move Moves the camera along the axes of its own coordinate system. Gets the near plane of the Camera.

Gives a chance to derived classes to setup camera eyeshot camera two points and a eyeshot camera. Show All Members Options: Distance Gets or sets the distance between camera and target point. Name Description Clone Creates a deep copy of this camera. Wholesale Price, Worldwide Camers. Better Sensor Than GoPro Ejeshot to the popular tech mag Gizmag, ” a bigger sensor can gain more information than a smaller one and produce better images.


AngleOfView Gets the Camera vertical angle of view in degrees. Reference Camera Class devDept.

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If the frame rate is eheshot it will be better. FocalLength Gets or sets eyeshot camera camera focal length. Even if the camera is on your head, eyeshot camera your bike, your car, etc. While sailing in the sun I got confused about whether it was recording or not, eyeshot camera accidentally switched it off via the watch remote – it just wasn’t clear in the bright sun whether it was recording or not.