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Thank you very much for the help In my case, this is a TM-T Try disabling any security software you have running and try again. Setting up a serial or parallel port printer is the exact same process. Safe Mode prevents certain drivers and other applications from starting, and you shouldn’t have any issues installing Epson OPOS here. For simplicity’s sake, you may want to tell it to extract somewhere such as your Desktop or Downloads folders.

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TM-T20 – Software & Document – Thermal line Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Pappu responded on 19 May 7: If a network printer will not pass CheckHealth Please see the troubleshooting section of our document on Epson Epson tm-t20 opos. Bibin Lal responded on 23 Aug 2: If the vendor of the cash drawer supplied a cable with it, you should probably be using that.

If you require troubleshooting beyond what is described in this document, please consult your POS hardware vendor. In rare cases, old entries in the Windows Registry from prior versions of Epson OPOS can epson tm-t20 opos the application to fail tmt20 install, generating an error of “This version does not support service packs”. Try disabling any epson tm-t20 opos software you have running and try again.

New Drivers  HP C5180 LINUX DRIVER

It will be set to high or low. Select this on the menu.

Now select the corresponding Physical Epson tm-t20 opos that your unit is attached to. Alejandro Giraldo responded on 15 Aug In my case, this is a TM-T We do not support serial port printers. If problems persist, let’s start checking for the following:. This can often be due to a running application preventing it from installing.

How to Configure Epson OPOS

epson tm-t20 opos If you see your Epson printer here, right click on it to epsob it. If the cash drawer hasn’t worked with the cable you are using previously, make sure it is actually an RJ12 cable.

Other things to try include:.

If the installer hangs at any point t,-t20 does not finish, see troubleshooting below. Epson tm-t20 opos a different USB cable. This can be resolved by epson tm-t20 opos Epson related folders from the Registry. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise, uninstall and delete the driver in place.

Before you hit Finish, we need to make sure the communication settings are correct. It should print a small test ticket that may not protrude out the top all the way. Change this setting and see if problems persist. Additionally, many APG brand cash drawers use proprietary cables that differ slightly from a standard RJ12, so if using an APG drawer, reach out to their technical support if you suspect the cable is an issue.


Please see the troubleshooting section of our document on Epson NetConfig. Browse through this tree and see if you can find your Epson model. I thin one of which provides you epson tm-t20 opos option to cue the receipts and also it should provide you to open drawer options as well if you have connected drawer to printer. Please sign in to leave a comment. In this example, we’re including USB and Ethernet options.

There are 5 options for supported interfaces. Thanks for your help and support. Now i installed an old version of OPOS and it is working fine. If your cash drawer will not epson tm-t20 opos CheckHealth Basic troubleshooting first.