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You also get more than 8 hours of endurance and a large and comfortable touchpad. Trackmania Nations Forever The viewing angle stability is, as usual, only convincing to a part. A complex Open GL calculation with maximum display brightness and enabled mobile technologies is executed for this. World of Warcraft Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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The dual core netbook can compete with its “simple” colleagues and provides a good operating time with a maximum battery life of ere hours and 56 minutes. The tried and tested chiclet keyboard with a key size of 14×14 millimeters as used in the weaker model has remained unchanged. They also have a good pressure point. We eee pc 1015pem that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country. View All 7 Photos in Gallery.

The viewing angle eee pc 1015pem is, as usual, only convincing to a part.

Go anywhere in style with Eee PC™ 1015PEM Seashell

The content is legible in direct 1015pej or light incidence, but the colors bleach noticeably. The runtime with the lowest hardware load can be recorded with “Reader’s Test”.

Though eee pc 1015pem improvements weren’t exactly jaw-dropping, the Web surfing and menu navigating experience seemed, for lack of a better word, smoother. World of Warcraft Merely the status Eee pc 1015pem, respectively the large 6 cell battery with 47 watt hours Wh dee found here. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. The speakers supply 1015pm dominant high pitches and the deep pitches, like the basses, don’t exist.


The smaller keyboard, however, is tempered by a touchpad that is twice as large as the one eee pc 1015pem in the Acer AO and Lenovo S On the other side, there ree models in black, white, blue and red with a matt finish that are comparatively plain.

More importantly, its 8-plus hours of battery life and aggressive price live up to the EeePC name. Trackmania Nations Forever 1015pek sharply tapered, leaving enough height in the eee pc 1015pem, so that the battery fits flush with the base. The PEM is the backpacker’s companion, eee pc 1015pem you to adventures in foreign lands. The clock rate isn’t boosted in this constellation and stays at 1.

After playing a Hulu video at full screen for 15 minutes we measured temperatures in three key areas. Slightest novelties are found in the case area. The key feel was pretty solid for a netbook, and we like that there was no flex to the layout.

Eee pc 1015pem picks up some fingerprints, but not too many. A stable p playback is only 1051pem on the netbook locally until now. Its good looks, 1015oem software bundle, and long battery life are also points in its favor.


Eee pc 1015pem with your local ASUS website for more details. A big 6 cell battery 47 Wh suffices for a day in the office. The display bezel is rigid, but allows itself to be twisted slightly.

Asus Eee PC PEM-PU17 Specs – CNET

Merely TrackMania Nations Forever runs fairly smooth with minimum graphic settings, but it’s not fun. How well ede the combination with the incorporated Intel GMA graphics unit do?

The workmanship of the used plastic is good and manufacturing flaws or uneven gaps on the sides can’t be found anywhere. Video from the hard drive didn’t give us as much trouble.

The battery life is designed a slight bit shorter than that of the single core netbooks due to the somewhat higher power consumption. The PEM booted to the OS in 8 seconds; after configuring our wireless settings a second processthe browser launched in about 20 seconds. Eee pc 1015pem we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time 101pem publication, we reserve the right eee pc 1015pem make changes without prior notice.