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I haven’t experimented with all of them, but I like the ones I’ve tried. Change the way you interact with your PC! You have to apply force to get to the highest pressure. I would recommend getting rechargeable AAA batteries for the pen so you never run out. Software did install – eventually. I just got the tablet this evening but I’m already enjoying it very much.

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Software did install – eventually. I had no issues with the drivers — I’m qp5540 a Windows 7 laptop. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

IML Tablet WP5540 Drawing Pen Tablet

I’m sure there are better ones out there, but this is an amazingly fun little toy for the cost! I wanted something to write my math work into my windows onenote program and when i tried using wp554 its extremely accurate, has some hot keys around the main board to easily edit things and switch between windows. What I got in the mail was this.

It was good enough to get me pointed in the right general direction, but not much more. This guy makes me worried about the drivers for Window 7 for nothing.

DIGIPRO Wp X 4 USB Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet | eBay

Apr 21st, at 8: I wp540 using that driver but still I couldn’t do much other then draw straight lines! I highly recommend it! The manual also shows a different model so it isn’t any help. The picture on the product page is a tablet I’d actually gotten before and loved.

New Drivers  CANON N1240U DRIVER

DIGIPRO Wp5540 5.5 X 4 USB Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

I was excited that it was initially simple to use, but after only a few uses it stopped working. Overall I give 4 stars because of the driver installation, but Tabler do recommend the device, especially if you haven’t used a track pad before and would like to get a nice, functional introduction.

They can also be used to trace an image outline from a sheet of paper taped to the surface of the tablet itself. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. One thing we found was that the nib in the pen acts as a switch, so talbet you rest it where the nib can be pressed down, your pen battery will run dry overnight!

Most will wait until hours of action closure and just place on the wish list until that time. Its awkward square size makes it difficult to find a case to keep it protected, and I think the pen nibs are extra delicate I already had to replace one after putting it in my empty pencil case and taking it to classso I’ve sort of excepted that this tablet will probably get jacked up after another year of carrying it around.

Yo, Tapskill petty bad form there talking bad about the item.

Apr 21st, at 4: I did get brave and try installing the software that came on the CD. The surface also contains some wp55540 selectors or buttons that help you open programs, select certain menu functions in your painting program easily and undo work.

The only issues I seem to have are user-error, I think.

I haven’t tried on Mac-OS. I have found an item we need slightly more than this awesome tablet. DigiPro tablets are around the same price.


Black tablet and Stylus All Mouse functions USB interface Soft-tip pen with levels of pressure for drawing programs such as Painter and Photoshop Capturing signatures and drawing for inserting into documents Pen commands for control and editing functions Annotating with a pen for Word Handwriting communications for NetMeeting and Netscape conference Pen Launching by tapping on diigpro pad to start a program or visit a website PenMail Annotate mail Tablet Features: So what you need to do is go to Wacom’s site and download the drivers for the Intuos3.

And on such a great item! Documentation is good for laughs. Pressure sensitivity works well in photoshop unlike some of the other ‘cheap’ tablets The Mac drivers on the cd worked fine, haven’t tried it on Windows yet though.

Wait until it is finished, then draw something on the tablet with the pen.

: Customer reviews: DigiPro WP x4″ USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen (Black)

I am a college student and dont like using paper. I have two computers and I had to do different installation routines for both of them. I needed something better than a mouse or touchpad to use for on-line math tutoring, but didn’t want to spend much money.