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Prescott would be ill advised in this setup as I’ve read elsewhere ‘s hitting 70c under load. As you can see, my chassis is pretty full and I see 51 degrees C at full load. I do not overclock the processor. I just need to top off the water every week. Powers my GT with no problems. I just don’t see the point in a pricey stylish case that you end up cutting on just so you won’t cook your cpu.

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Email me about changes to this bug report. No overclocking I guess, does anyone know if the P4P has overclocking? Alright, so an Aria, now which motherboard? About us Privacy policy Dfi k8m800-mlvf list Mobile. I already have a P4 2. Quote 5 Dfi k8m800-mlvf Dec 22, 2: To post a comment you must log in. Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug I bought a Vantec “Stealth” 80mm fan, cut a 3″ hole in the side of the case near the cpu, screwed the fan to the case dfi k8m800-mlvf plugged the fan into the case fan jack.

So yeah, anyone have any experience with that? I have a negative pressure system about 80cfm in and out not including the dfi k8m800-mlvf from the front of the chassis.

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You need to log in to change this dfi k8m800-mlvf status. Quote 11 Tue Jan 04, Since I opened this one, I guess I’ll close it now that the problem is solved for me.

Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on As a side note, this was fixed in upstream 1. If I choose to boot into one of the 2. The dfi k8m800-mlvf supply overhangs half the cpu area, neatly blocking air flow to dfi k8m800-mlvf the oem fan.

Assuming the cpu temp sensor on the MB reads c of dfi k8m800-mlvf the actual on-die k8m800-mlf are, I’m probably ok just toasty. I probably got 3c cooler improvement out of that.

Idle is 49c and load temps are at 60c which is in line with a mid tower case. I haven’t been able to find many benchmarks on dfi k8m800-mlvf, one seemed to show that it only made a difference in synthetic, not in gaming. Quote 6 Sun Dec 26, 2: Pehaps change the defualt to have the capture monitor muted. You dfi k8m800-mlvf also want to consider an Athlon64 platform.

Love the way this case dfi k8m800-mlvf, the top and side panels come off seperately, I was expecting the whole top and sides to be one piece that lifts off.


DFI K8M800-MLVF (PCB:A/B) BIOS 2005/03/15 free download

I cut a 80mm hole on each side panel. OK, I will patch the Debian alsa initscript with this: I’m trying to keep this as low-cost as I can, which is why I’m not dfi k8m800-mlvf the processor at the same time, or else I’d probably go for the Athlon Quote 8 Thu Dec dfi k8m800-mlvf, Quote 9 Sun Jan 02, 4: Please attach amixer output and tell us the minimum settings which dfi k8m800-mlvf to be changed in order to get things working.

Remote dfi k8m800-mlvf watches ubuntu-bugzilla Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers. Fabio Massimo Di Nitto fabbione. You are not i8m800-mlvf subscribed to this bug’s notifications.