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DanielCalladine Jul 6, Note that my first unit no longer has working speakers, both are dead. Thanks again for the fix, just wanted to clear it up a bit: AM Radio , Jan 30, These drivers kept interfering with editing software where I use ASIO drivers and an external sound card.

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My original is packed, ready to be shipped back. It will switch to whatever the last volume was when you used whatever you switch wzves, it just won’t show that the volume has changed. This worked for dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio, but upon turning my laptop on from standby open lidplugging in my headphones doesn’t work. Want to add to the discussion?

Surely there is a way to plug my headphones into my computer without having to go through this nonsense first.

I don’t really know if my laptop is just a lemon with multiple issues overheating and crackly speakers or if its a software bug. For those who are thinking “well why dont you just keep the speakers at a lower volume?

XPS 15 9550 – Do not use Dell’s MaxxAudioPro Preset!

My third replacement is on wqves way and I will also be testing that unit too. No, create an account now. Where do I buy which part?


Today realized that it was getting really warm when it shouldn’t have been. A lot of people have talked about how bad the ‘s speakers are and that they are staticky or distort.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I eell using my replacement to write this with it’s dying speakers. My mic also doesn’t work but I can live with that. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I’ve paid enough for this that I want to better sound but not at the cost of overheating. BUT, if I shut off the preset the speakers do not distort however they sound god awful.

XPS 15 – Do not use Dell’s MaxxAudioPro Preset! | NotebookReview

That software is absolutely atrocious and kept defaulting Maxx Audio on my dfll which would cause all sorts of distortion and terrible sound quality overall. This worked perfectly, however I hear a scratchy noise on all the time even dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio music is not playing. The speakers on this unit is dying but with this preset here I get no static.

See the other comment in this thread. Most onboard sound outputs have some unavoidable ground noise, which is something I have too, but if it is noticeable while music is playing I think you might have a defective laptop.

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At home, decent external speakers are a better idea. I never encountered those issues maxxaidio after a week or so of owning my For them to “come alive” the program really just over powers the speakers and push them beyond there comfort zone causing heat and then death to the speakers. I simply thought I received a faulty unit with a faulty screen and speaker so dell sent me a replacement. Its kind of funny how the speakers are so dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio that the laptop ships with a software equalizer preset to doubling the sound output.


Dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio tell me you’re listening to flacs on these tinny speakers. These drivers kept interfering with editing software where I use ASIO drivers and an external sound card.


Submit a new link. Oh well, I use an external bluetooth speaker anyway. Now it all works smooth as a charm. My speakers resonate and vibrate if the sound is too loud omg thanks Dell. Submit a new text post. Finally got this, wavs Kikuri and dkukade like dell xps 15 waves maxxaudio.