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The following link is a great, concise, how to. The can run R2 just fine. Keep in mind that with a , the problem and solution will be completely different. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I insert the Server R2 and it comes back with the message: There are various formats to choose from, one being a DOS disk. I tried what you have suggested.

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I have 6 physical SCSI drives, gb x2 and 68gb g2 organized into three logical drives 2 and 2 and 2each raid 1. Should this work if I can just find the right drivers for Windows install? I’m trying to install Server R2 on a PowerEdge Not dell poweredge 2850 windows 2008 r2 if that makes a difference but I might find a couple more caddies and drives and try RAID 5 in the future. I am having this same issue on a PowerEdge What RAID drivers did powereddge install?

Please ask any questions in the comments below. I insert the Server R2 and it comes back with the message:.

Windows R2 installation on Dell PowerEdge

I also tried with the driver from lsi. I have only done it for and have no visibility if it would work.


Anyway, thanks for such a fast response. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I really appreciate your help I’ve very strongly gotten the impression that this shouldn’t be this hard.

Thks for the post. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Installing Server 2008 R2 on a PowerEdge 2850

I have tried both in the front and back of the server I had…. I am having pretty much the same issue. Also please note, after this wipe, only one of the logical drives is formatted, the others are unpartitioned space.

We’ve gotten a newer server from Dell and Delll turned that off. The Remote Control screen appears. The following was a great tutorial on this: Please check the following link: I’ve tried wiping and redoing the raid from scratch and it didn’t help.

Dell R Unable to see new drives in Windows Notify me of new posts by email. Poweredge and Server R2. Hi, I attempt to install windows R2 on a PEbut it’s not working. That way, you could take advantage of the MB dell poweredge 2850 windows 2008 r2 battery-backed write cache – this would add a signficant peformance boost. Bizarre, I know, but I’ve seen it before.


Solved: PE – Windows R2 – problem with HD Driver – Dell Community

I even poweedge dell poweredge 2850 windows 2008 r2 with Fast turned off which I guess is just a complete drive format. I have installed two dozen or more of these things using the R2 driver with no problems make sure to download the ‘hard drive’ version: Not sure why it wouldn’t be working The Redirection screen appears with a Launch Redirection button. I insert the Server R2 and it comes back with the message: I’m getting the same error as above powerddge non-signed drivers.

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