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To summarize, these are exemplary surface temperatures. This video adapter is based on the Geforce M GT chip , which explains the similar benchmark results. The size of the keys and the keyboard layout are alright. An improvement is only possible by the alternatively offered Solid State Disk SSD , whose capacity is only 32GB and which costs depending on the base configuration about Browse Related Browse Related. This website uses cookies. Equipped with a 80 Wh battery the runtime during the BatteryEater Classic test was minutes.

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Depending on the demands, the runtime is less than the maximum dell m6300 precision. Notebooks tend to get “torture tested” in most corporate environments when the sales force tosses their laptops inside their cars dell m6300 precision staff drop their notebooks off the edge of a table during a crowded meeting. Found 2 cheap ones locally, a P and a P Especially CAD and various statics tools require to key in a lot of numbers.

Review Dell Precision M Notebook – Reviews

So, the robustness of the case is impressing and the workmanship is good. Protection for the screen through the rear cover prevented any rippling when you press in the cover. Visit dell m6300 precision network of sites: An important criterion for a mobile workstation is the provided interface equipment. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies.

The reviewed notebook, is e. We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies dell m6300 precision enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads. One odd omission is the lack of a dedicated number pad. With the Readers test, run at minimum brightness and with active energy saving settingswe measured a runtime of minutesthese are above 5 hours.


The space bar is sufficiently big and the enter key extends over two rows. Below are benchmarks to give you an idea of how this laptop might compare up against other dell m6300 precision on the market.

The interfaces should make it possible to connect a number of external devices for different requirements. Overlooking that fact, the chassis dell m6300 precision strong enough to hurt your knuckles if you try to punch it without giving up less than a millimeter of flex in the process. With increasing deviation from the dell m6300 precision horizontal viewing angle, you’ll face a loss of contrast.

Dell Precision M6300

dell m6300 precision The pad is equipped with three buttonswith an especially big travelwhich proved to be very user-friendly, although you’ll need some time to get used to them.

At first we didn’t expect that a big notebook like the Precision M can also have a useful battery runtime.

During testing no plastic creaks or squeaks could be heard. Although this is only a minor aspect for a workstation like the Dell Precision M, it still provides two speakers left and right at its front dell m6300 precision, whose maximum volume is good. You can change your settings at any time. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Lag time was minimal when starting each time, but accuracy was less than perfect. Our technicians inspect each computer one-by-one. Combined with the 17″ display, it would not dell m6300 precision hard at all to entertain a small group of businessmen with a multimedia presentation during a meeting.


One additional benefit of not having a customized paint option is long term durability. On the precisioon, especially architects dell m6300 precision known dell m6300 precision prefer black notebooks Furthermore, the integrated charge status display makes it possible to know about the left capacity at any time. The keyboard and palm rest structure matches the strength of the bottom panel of this laptop.

That’s a pity, because the intended target groups, i. Most inch notebooks make sure of dell m6300 precision additional footprint of the larger form-factor and include a dedicated number pad.

Dell Precision M Review (with Samsung SSD)

No dead pixels were found during testing, and backlight bleed while noticed on some dark screens was minimal. Furthermore, there pdecision be enough reserves for coping with future demands during the whole economic life-time of a notebook. The dell m6300 precision models of several Dell Inspiron consumer notebooks had paint defects out of the box on the customized the LCD covers.

Dell m6300 precision — Untested Not Warranted.