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You do not need to be in the scrolling region to scroll. Dell d auto shut down. How can I have scroll on my Inspiron N touchpad? Thank you very much! Lift your fingers up off the TouchPad surface.

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When moving a file or highlighting, you can move your finger to the very edge of the trackpad and hold it there and the cursor will continue to scroll slowly. For the drivers, i got the original driver CD from the manufacturer. If you find that scrolling triggers too easily, try making the scrolling region smaller.

Dell Inspiron n5010 – Touchpad Problem!

The Two-Finger scrolling gesture allows you to scroll vertically or horizontally and initiate scrolling from anywhere on the TouchPad surface. In some cases PSA Diagnostics will run first. Please reply for any queries.

To use Two-Finger Scrolling: To enable this feature, select the Enable Pinch Zoom check box. Nevertheless, I uninstalled it. Notebooks and Desktops for Sale.

Inspiron 17R battery plugged in not charging. What does this mean?

Scroll on my Inspiron N touchpad? How do I get it? – Dell Community

Thank you very much! You can also use the Flick gesture to enter or exit slideshow mode.


When i turn on the laptop, the left-click button works like the right-click button on the desktop only. The touch pad on this laptop is very awkward to use. You will have to replace the touch pad on your computer. Log in or Sign up.

Please send me a private message with the system service tag. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. If your problem is the cursor dancing moise when you are typing, try the free TouchFreeze. JJul 14, With many models, dell inspiron n5010 mouse pad MOUSE program will show a large touchpad icon under the Touchpad tab; click this icon to get to the options.

To use this gesture:. To check if the problem is with the hardware or software on the computer, please follow the steps mentioned below. To use the Flick gesture for slideshow mode: Dell laptop h5010 identification.

Dell Inspiron n mouse and touchpad not working. Please help! – Dell Community

The little button right by F12 does Mouwe work, and it is annoys me dell inspiron n5010 mouse pad lot, to the point where I am considering selling the laptop, and getting one that doesn’t have this annoying problem – probably not a Dell one.


Dell Inspiron N touchpad dell inspiron n5010 mouse pad working properly. I have just followed your suggestion of having the 2 fingers slightly apart and it works. Hi alapaille, Unfortunately we have not received feedback from you on this topic. Insipiron n touch pad scroll. If you have difficulty triggering scrolling, try making the scrolling region larger by moving the edges of the cross-hatched area inward.

Best regards Dejan Radisic. The Rotate feature allows the user to rotate photos and other items in degree increments with one, smooth, circular motion.

To use the Flick gesture for navigation:.