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I know its not too good for recording but i was impatient, I didnt read about it and now i have this card. That card is probably fine for gaming and home theater but you will not be happy with it for recording, not necessarily due to sound quality but because it doesn’t have the features you need. I can sell it, but first i want to try do something about it. When you see the card’s internal build and design later in this review, you may understand why Creative made this design choice. Close all other Windows applications. EarlKeim – just a quick question.

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Ok, so you dont have any ideas whay could i do about this output-problem? WaveStudio WaveStudio manages and performs all your sound editing tasks easily.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD review: Verdict | TechRadar

What can I do about it? The Creative driver should have a drop-down menu for choosing playback devices. Just like we said in the review, only the console launcher show usage.

After first installing the software, I too tried to find an EQ, and eventually discovered it was not offered by Creative. This is probably the most affordable and flexible: It seems that with the X-Fi HD X-i, Creative wants to emphasize the quality of the sound played back and recorded rather than the number of sound channels reproduced. When I set asio on devices in reaper there is a signal, but i cant zsio this on asio on this card.


SoundBlaster X-Fi HD A.K.A Sound Blaster Digital Music Premium HD ASIO support

Superior headphone experience High quality headphone amp supports studio-quality headphones e. On Ubtuntu, I have found that I occasionally need to unplug and plug it back in to be recognized. Also, depending on your audio and media player settings, you may have to occasionally go into system audio settings and reset defaults. Personally I wouldn’t waste any time on the soundblaster.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB 1240

Smart Recorder manages and performs all your recording tasks easily. For everday use I use the external HD 5.

Did you check their site for updates? Some players make clicks and pops when it changes these rates.

TuesdaySeptember 20, BloodyIronSep 21, Do you already have an account? Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. Results 1 to 10 of The reason people want native This should be an important feature for those wanting bit perfect playback of their music files. No harm will befall your computer, promise! CoretTrobaneSep 20, GnasherSep 20, Headroom offers a few pieces that do similar crearive.


I would unistall the soundblaster and asio4all. We’d defy most to tell them apart in blind tests. Funny stuff, I asked about this exact item on this forum about weeks ago think it was in hotdeals subforum here?

It turned into a error message.

I am looking at the USB for obvious reasons, plus the ability to use it on whichever system i am currently sitting at laptop or main PC connected to 5. Remove hisses and pops in your recorded material using the Audio Clean-up feature. Sep 21, Since recording and quality were a focus for the card, we opted to maximize and optimize support for the bit method since this allows recordings in particular those at a softer volume level to have more room to “breathe” and stay above the noise floor