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The lower ones took a bit of getting used to weight wise, but I took to the 5 and higher right away. The groups of Tom Watson and Duvall? I’ll get used to it and my score should grab 39 a few times, which is my goal for the year. I picked up a set of these clubs of here fairly cheap and am quite pleased with them so far. You have to wonder how much improvement in club design really is possible these days. I haven’t seen too many studies on drivers but i did see one where this club got a terrible review.

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A decent set of irons. Review of TaylorMade Firesole Drivers. Will meet my expetations Thank You, Verified purchase: Best irons I’ve played with.

I’ve started using more PW and 8-iron’s into greens. No, they’re not the latest and greatest clubs produced by Tajlor, but even in used condition they’re a great value for the weekend player.

Great Clubs Best irons I’ve played with. I’ve played about 25 rounds with these clubs since winning them and I’ve been very satisfied. They’re comfortable, weighted well, and a great club for anyone who might need a little extra consumdr from their irons.


Taylor Made Firesole Iron Set Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

Not top-of-the-line, but great starter clubs. Driving a Ferrari — how could I not land on every green?

Skip to main content. I swing pretty hard, so I use the stiff rifle shaf ts with no problems.

Long lost in the new era — but there was a mystique to the play and the equi pment used. Firsole tells me his new set of irons which he paid 5x what he sold the Firesoles for play no better than the Taylor Mades for. Taylor Made is a great golf company so we all know quite a bit about it. The groups of Tom Watson and Duvall? Why is this review inappropriate? Skip to main content. Happy with TaylorMade Firesole Iron Set No, they’re not the latest and greatest clubs produced by TaylorMade, but even in used condition they’re a great value for the weekend player.

Only 2-weeks usuing smaller irons into greens i used to use 6’s and 7’s.

TaylorMade Firesole Tour Irons

I’m left handed so i got real lucky in finding a Distance and accuracy were both improved, and the clubs swing beautifully. Displaying 1 – 10 of 16 reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 Paginate right. The normal Orangish head with a Bubble shaft. They said it wasn’t very forgiving and wasn’t very long at all. I am a novice to golf, but the se clubs performance are night and day compared to the antiques I was using.


I’m still getting a feel for my distances but absolutely recommend them. Play a differet course. I have played with and have other newer equipment — but I always play better with the Taylor bubbles. I will never play as a Jason Day — but these clubs make me feel like I played with equipment as if made for Ezino Ferrari.

Reviews: Taylor Made Firesole Iron Set Golf Club | eBay

Remember that other car that was so great,well thats what the firesoles are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weighting plus the oversized face makes a lethal combination.

I could have paid 5 times as much for new clubs, but it wouldn’t have made an appreciable difference on the course. Who is to say I could play better with another set of irons and clubs?