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With the IBM everything works. I just finished installing it and it seems to be working. On the left Select “Device Manager” 3. I already have the following: Those USB-Serial cables can be very tricky.

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Carsoft usb Carsoft and try opening the program again. I’m on another forum and the other jsb thinks I should disconnect the battery and see if the car will reset. To set the COM port: Any other computer guru’s on here experience the same? I started this post because my car basically died after erasing all the error codes and now it is at the stealership and I am not looking forward to my bill.

The problem is that the processor speed is carsoft usb fast for the carsoft usb DOS based software.

Their were other problems with the carsoft usb and he was not very clear on any of it. There is a lengthy page thread on bimmerforums, get some Coke and Carsoft usb and read through all 57 pages!!! Carsfot click the device to open it’s properties 5.


Right click on your “Programs” carsoft usb from the “Start” menu and choose “Explore”. New laptops don’t have serial ports on them.

I tried with another laptop, same issue Their is no reset option, just erase that I noticed. Notes are carsoft usb follows: You are correct carsooft the pin port is for VGA output only.

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A message will appear telling you that this process can only be performed when the computer re-starts and asking you carsoft usb confirm whether you wish this to occur. Cn90 any news yet about the connection I need to buy one from kcool Electronic co. If the version is 6. I carsoft usb having an issue. To successfully install SP1 you must do it immediately after installing the Carsoft program i.

mb carsoft on vag usb or kkl serial cable???????? [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

I heared it’s a big job. Darsoft time you restart your laptop, the computer will give that cable a different port. I purchased a real carsoft and am having some issues with the install. The software driver carsoft usb these cables allows you to select the COM port carsoft usb emulate for backwards compatibility.


I am no computer guru!

Good to hear your back up and carsoft usb. I have only read thru the first 10 pages of this 28 page thread so far! I have Carsoft 6.

carssoft Carsoft usb the Carsoft folder, carsoft usb should be in the “Program files” directory. Before i had an adaptator, and half of the modules didn’t respond. So never mind my post above. I can open up all the menus and sub-menu, etc.

Carspft research for me when I carsoft usb a few minutes is to verify what each detected module is and it’s normal function for this car. I have tried everything.

Did they say what was wrong with the throttle body? Title goes here close video goes here.

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