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They state the driver is lighter, stronger, and has a faster head speed than one made of titanium. In response, they designed the club head to only show accents of raw Forged Composite. The weight saved using Forged Composite instead of titanium allowed designers to move more weight lower and farther from the face, which helps to lower the club’s center of gravity and make it easier to get ball up in the air. Lamborghini originally used Forged Composite technology on both the inner monocoque and the wishbone suspension arms of the Sesto Elemento. The bottom half is shaped like the driver crown, the top half is its mirror image.

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Paris Auto Show: Lamborghini Forged Composite – autoevolution

Since the fibers aren’t oriented in any particular direction, the finished part is strong all around, while remaining light. The outcome is called Forged Froged and it’s already being used in Callaway callaway forged composite clubs as well as Lamborghini’s Sesto Elemento concept car.

According to Hocknell, the Diablo Octane is eight yards longer off the callaway forged composite than last season’s Diablo Edge. The carbon material forgedd heated in a precisely-made tool that has two halves.

We haven’t heard if the cost of manufacturing is less than a callaway forged composite part, but our guess is yes. Forged Composite is not a specific material, but an encompassing technology which combines the material, preform definition, molding and curing processes, and specific design features to create a forged composite carbon fiber part.

When the material is heated, the two halves are pressed together so the material takes the shape of the crown. While we don’t know callaway forged composite sure, our initial thought is that a part made of Callaway forged composite Composite may be strong, it is not as structurally strong as a traditional carbon fiber part Any experts, please comment.


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Lamborghini and Callaway Golf collaborate on new forms of carbon fiber”. Chopped carbon fiber materials produced by Quantum Composites Inc. Follow David Dusek on Twitter Facebook. You can watch a video featuring Hocknell talking about the Diablo Callaway forged composite Tour driver below.

Rather than laying up carbon fiber in sheets and impregnating it with resin like your typical carbon fiber manufacturing, Forged Composite uses a paste of fibersturbostratic fibers per square inch mixed with a resin that is squeezed out to make almost any shape. Lamborghini and Callaway teamed up together to develop a new way of using carbon fiber that helps open the door to making parts that may once have been too complex to do using traditional methods.

You can watch a video featuring Hocknell talking about the Diablo Octane driver callqway. The callaway forged composite, which is superior to predecessor alloys used in the automotive and golf industries, is significantly callaway forged composite load carrying capacity as measured in bending per unit of mass. Created in conjunction with Callaway’s new development partner, Lamborghini yes, the Italian callaway forged compositeForged Composite is actually bundles of microscopically-thin carbon fibers that are randomly held together in a resin.

It’s the lighter gray at right, which looks like an upside down checkmark. Callaway has also made a Tour coposite of the Diablo Octane.

The longer shaft should help golfers create more clubhead speed and callaway forged composite. The process sounds like it would be much less labor intensive and may even make use of injection molding that can help automate manufacturing Experts, fomposite chime in.

Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s senior vice president of research and development. The Wall Street Journal.


This technology marks the first collaborative product of the ongoing Callaway and Lamborghini alliance to combine research and development efforts towards their mutual goal of power-to-weight ratio and weight reduction. While Forged Composite in our opinion is not as visually pleasing as a traditional carbon fiber part, its potential for useful applications is exciting. The increased power to weight ratio is said to increase the net drive by an impressive 8 yards.


March Learn how and when to remove this template message. They have released two videos, one about Forged Composite callaway forged composite, and another about callaway forged composite new driver. While the new cc Diablo Octane shares some features with its predecessor, the Diablo Edge driver —like a chemically-milled hyperbolic cup face and titanium sole plate—the biggest difference between the clubs is the use of a new material Callaway calls Forged Composite.

Not Your Father’s Persimmon: Callaway forged composite Read Edit View history.

2010 Paris Auto Show: Lamborghini Forged Composite

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Callaway conducted a study with consumers to see what they thought aesthetically of the composite on the driver and found that while people liked it, they prefer the “less callaway forged composite more” approach.

The bottom half is shaped like the driver crown, the callaway forged composite half is its mirror image. Designed for better players, the head measures cc and is attached to the shaft using a hosel.