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No issues were found. But I don’t expect to have to buy my charts twice. There are not contact details for Lena or any sales office. D Further waypoints can be created, by repeating this procedure, or left clicking on them can also include existing User points. Creating a new Route The New Route icon on the toolbar allows you to create a new route. As such, should one be considering whether to upgrade a Pathfinder non-PLUS Series Display, it is recommended that the decision be made sooner rather than later.

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Ubcc if a newer version of the driver has been installed without the older version completely removed. A dialog box listing all User points that have been created will be displayed on the screen: Make sure that the voltage selector switch is correctly set to 12v. Info C-MAP charts contain a lot of additional information that is not displayed on the screen, such as warning notes, Port and Tide information, and names of navigational aids.

In fact, every planning function of your chart plotter is now easy to do on your PC.

User Manual – PC-PLANNER Official WebSite

Enter the term s you’d like to search for in the Knowledge Base e. Leave the Card Reader unplugged until the driver installation asks you to connect it. The chart is centered on the location of the cursor when the chart is redrawn at the new resolution.

Download the correct driver for your Card Reader from the links at the top of this page Extract the driver file from the downloaded ZIP file download WinZip if you don’t have an unzipping program Run the Driver installation program eg: The program is easy to use.


Zoom To zoom into a more detailed chart, select the Zoom icon on the toolbar. To create a waypoint, select the Add User point icon, place the. I also found the Tide information useful. Editing and tables 6.

Yes, that’s how I do it at present but it is a pain. However, I find it to be very useful for planning trips to new areas and creating routes and waypoint lists for areas that I sail regularly.

To check if multiple versions of the driver have been installed, check the Show hidden devices entry on the View menu. Install a generic Microsoft Windows driver for the printer you have, rather than the more sophisticated driver supplied with the printer, which may try to take full control of the printer port. The S57 data is converted to C-MAP’s encrypted format from all international chart data suppliers, creating seamless and consistent global coverage.

Reis is the author of this excellent program.

Left clicking the relevant icon selects that mode and displays the icon in light gray to indicate it is active. USB to Serial Converters. The XML format is complete and contains all the information of the points.

N this feature any type of important position fishing spots, dive locations, uncharted hazards, etc.

In this case, a low resolution world-wide chart stored in memory can be used to illustrate the program functions. When we were using the printout of one of the routes in the cockpit, I removed it from a binder and put a spare companionway lock through one of the holes c-jap prevent it from blowing overboard.


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You are logged in as. I used the program to plan our sailing trip from Pensacola to Appalachicola last month. To select which Route to view on the screen, nr check or uncheck the box next to the Route name on the left hand side of the window.

Click on OK to exit this dialog box. Please read through this manual before the first operation. This will bring up the window below: With some practice you can safely manage all of your user data with this feature 5. When a new line is usbfc, the original will disappear.

To use Info mode, select the Info icon and left click on the area of the chart where you want information about ports, tides, obstructions or other information stored on the C-Map card. Copies the selected files from the left window to the right window Copies the selected files from the right window to the left window This icon shows the Mark and Event files by icon This icon shows the Routes files This icon shows the Tracks files NOTE: What you can do with the program.