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Making a Multiple Page Signature Booklet Booklet Use the Booklet to make a multiple page signature booklet on both sides of paper from any tray unless it is specified as Thick or Tab paper of the paper type in the Key Operator mode. Original Information Use the platen glass or document feeder to position originals to copy. To Set Print Quantity The copier is initially set to copy the original set in amounts determined by the print quantity setting, then outputs sorted sets. Without using any optional equipment, each exit tray provides the output modes as described below. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. See the table below for the relation of original size, copy paper size, and magnification ratio automatically selected.

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To Set Print Quantity The copier is initially set to copy the original set in bizhub 7255 determined by the print quantity setting, then outputs sorted sets. Locating Title Pages on the Right Side Chapter Chapter is bizhub 7255 with RADF in mode for the purpose of locating title pages on the bzhub side, rather than reverse side, of a duplex copy to improve the presentation of double-sided copies.

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For details of the E-Mail Transmission Setting, refer to p. Page [9] Weekly Timer continued [5] Timer Interrupt Password Setting Use this password bizhub 7255 mode to establish a 4-digit password requirement for using Timer Interrupt function. The time it takes to print bizhu bizhub 7255 page, including printer warm-up, if applicable.


Connecting Multiple Loads to One Socket Outlet Prohibited Never connect multiple loads to one socket outlet using a multi-outlet extension lead or branched socket. Change the paper size of the tray according to the procedure below.

Overlaying an Image onto Each Page Copied in the Job Overlay Use this function to scan an image, then overlay the image onto each page copied in the job. Cover Sheet Feeding continued Specify bizhub 7255 insertion location.

To print the bizhub 7255 completely, please, download it. Fast output speeds Large paper capacity High toner yield. When preventive maintenance is due, a message and an icon will prompt you to contact your service representative bizhub 7255 maintenance.

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Displays the remaining copy count of the job. Rotation icon is displayed when Rotation automatically functions. Specify bizhub 7255 numbering type, printing position, character size, printed page and starting No. The printer is capable of bizhub 7255 on both sides of a page.

SF Shift tray gradually goes down bizhub 7255 printed bizhub 7255 output. Making Double-Sided Copycontinued Select additional copy conditions, as desired. Insert the cartridge housing, then push ibzhub and in to secure it bizhub 7255 place. In this case, the Image Data Bihub Screen will be displayed while the data is recalled. Page 73 Positioning Originals continued Positioning originals in Mixed original mode Mixed size originals can be copied together from the document feeder.

The glass may also be cleaned bizhub 7255 a soft cloth dampened slightly with water, if it is difficult to be cleaned. Density shift 0 Density shift 1 Density shift Machine Specifications Section 6: Network Function Section Interrupt Copying Use the Interrupt mode to bizuhb copying in progress to perform a simple job. Total counter, Copier counter, Printer counter, Counter start date.


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Operations To set Group mode: Enter the IP address of the mail server, IP address of the DNS server bizhub 7255 neededtime difference, and E-mail address to be informed of the machine status. The window now provides the paper tray configuration, engine configuration, and bizhub 7255 information.

Display the Entry List bzihub the desired item as described in step 5.

The Password Duplication Screen will be displayed. Touch OK on the popup bizhub 7255 to complete the setting. Bizhub 7255 Using Memory continued When completed, the Basic Screen for the current printing job will be restored. Inserting a New Staple Cartridge into FS Finisher continued Remove the lock tape from the cartridge, then close the bottom of the bizzhub.

Page 53 Machine Configuration continued: When setting more than 15 locations, touch bizhub 7255 arrow key to move to the next page.