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Benefits of security guards in schools

security guards in schoolsAccording to the latest statistics, the 2015 – 2016 school year was reported as having 1.4 million incidents of crimes. These crimes are not confined to a small percentage of schools within a certain area, but includes 79% of the schools in the U.S. When reviewing these numbers, there is at least one thing that is clear, and that is there are many essential benefits of hiring security guards to protect the children and the teachers.


That being said, here are 6 of the top benefits of security guards in school.


  1. Monitor and Reduce Fighting and Bullying

As the children on school campuses become more and more aggressive in handling situations today, there is a huge need for interference by trained security guards. Particularly, when kids on these campuses are constantly in fear of being bullied by others inside of the classroom. With trained safety guards onsite to identify these situations before they escalate, these high rates in the school systems can be monitored and greatly reduced.


  1. Immediate help in Emergency Situations

With so many children on school campuses today, anything can happen at any time. Slips, falls, and other accidents may cause a kid to need immediate assistance in order to minimize the risks and the severity of their medical condition. Because security guards are trained in taking care of a wide range of incidents that can occur on a school campus, they can also attend to these situations by providing immediate assistance on the scene of the accident. From administering CPR to a student or teacher that cannot breathe to providing first aid to a student that fell, these are emergencies that they can address onsite.


  1. Proactive Measures in Protecting Each Child With First Account Observation

Security guards on campuses can assist in protecting the kids with first account observation. These professionals are needed on campuses to prevent problems with kids that are afraid to tell authorities that they are being bullied. By keeping a keen eye on each child, trained security guards are able to spot problems like overly aggressive kids, kids that are depressed, socially withdrawal and dealing with excessive anger. More about Executive Protection Training


  1. Combine forces to Teachers to Heighten Security in the Classroom

In many cases, the teacher is aware of trouble in the classroom that needs to be addressed. In some of these situations, however, they may need extra help to resolve issues that involve the safety of the kids in the classroom. For instance, the teacher may witness a case of bullying that needs to be handled head-on to prevent one kid from being harmed and tormented by the other. With a security guard involved and notified in advance, the necessary actions can be taken to aid the child that is frightened. By combining forces, the teacher and security guard can make it much easier and safer for these activities to be monitored immediately and reported to the kid’s parents and other authorities on the school campus.


  1. Prevent Strangers from Gaining Unauthorized Access to the Campus

In addition to protecting bullies from traumatizing other kids on the campus, security guards can also help in preventing other problems that compromise student safety on the school’s campus. For instance, because anyone can walk off the street onto a school’s campus to cause mayhem any time of the day, the role of the security guard is to take care of the following duties and responsibilities.


Make sure everyone that walks on campus has a real need and authorization to be there before allowing them to enter in.

Follow formal procedures before allowing students from other schools to visit the campus.

Check all students who are assigned to the school for guns in their backpacks or on their person for guns, knives, and any other items that can be used as a weapon to harm other students and teachers.


  1. Provide the Kids with a Better Sense of Security on Campus

To learn, children always need an environment that is conducive to learning. Since fighting and other risks of violence on school campuses are so prevalent today, it can easily become difficult for children to learn, especially when they have problems on their minds like fighting, bullying and other unsafe acts of concern. On the other hand, when they have security guards on campus that they see as their protection, they are usually able to concentrate, study and learn more when they feel safe. Therefore, aside from the additional level of protection that these security guards actually provide, this sense of safety is one of the primary benefits of hiring security guards on today ‘s school campuses. In fact, with security guards on campuses, kids, parents and the teachers are often more relaxed.