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I give this 5 thumbs up and how can you even explain the price other than WOW Displaying reviews Back to top. The power supplies are really bad for Behringer and trs often a problem of mass which makes them unusable. But the simplicity of use and booklet English and Chinese is very clear and lets look at what gives some models. This is one heck of a great amp simulator and pretty hard to beat even at much higher prices.

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All user reviews for the Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

Cheap Compact Design Versatile. Great unit, does the job! Although seems like a lot of combination offered, but I would only use one setting.

I like the different varieties of tones. Looks like I’m in the market for a set-neck with HBs. Our members also liked: Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar warranty. I never tested the behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar Guitzr, which however looks best on the demos, but the price gap n is really ugitar justified Aesthetics is really good, they chose a beautiful blue.

Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. The calif setting is unusable as far as I’m concerned.

User reviews: Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21 – Audiofanzine

I run it to my mixer via XLR – I think that’s the really the only way to use one of these. I was surprise at the tones I could get. No “pop” when pressing the behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar switch, however the sliding switches can generate sound It still requires quite a bit of tweaking, and not every preset is good. Further tone shaping is provided by a highly musical 2-band EQ. Our product catalog varies by country due to behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar restrictions.


This behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar one heck of a great amp simulator and pretty hard to beat even at much higher prices. Its consider light to carry with your pedalboard. But the simplicity of use and booklet English and Chinese is very clear and lets bejringer at what gives some models. Oh no, this is behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar diode Tweed Hot with less treble in Classic mode, or Brit Clean off axis mode with at least drive? This and the Behringer DR delay reverb is a complete processed ready to record live sound.

Behringer GDI21 – V-Tone Guitar Amp Modeler/Direct Box GDI21 B&H

Lastly, choose the mic placement from the three available selections. Of 27 possible configurations, I do not remember as 9, but all are very good in my opinion.

It makes no great noise, looks cheap and probably is but I’ve never had any problems with this brand unlike other large boss, digitech, Danelectro not to quote them Yes, Behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar will ever be happy with this choice. The tweed setting is fender-y, but still kinda saggy and muddy, which was one of my complaints of the orginal.


But overall there is plenty here to love in you like tweed tone, Brit, or Mesa Boogie. We speak of “bee” in these cases the I understand why.

Noise at high output. Available You will not be charged until order ships.

In summary, the emulation of amps is relatively realistic “spirit” In fact, I recommend the doc Tlcharger dernire this because it is more complte the examples of sounds than Behringer. The switch is gnral nothing for me All behringer gdi21 v-tone guitar said, right? I did not want to ruin me an amp and a DI box would do the trick.

It can give you some nice, clean tones or dial in some nasty, searing metal effects.