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Asus sends a pricely attractive all-round notebook into the race with its N51V, which promises good performance values with a Core 2 Duo T processor and a Geforce GT M graphic card. This heats up to an unbelievable Firewire on the left. We have taken the N51Vf , priced at about Grid studdered along with an average of

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The angular key form asus n51v annoyed us after a while and the clatteringwhich the keys emitted at use, didn’t really make an impression of quality.

asus n51v The N51Vgwhich has a Core 2 Duo and a relatively inefficient Geforce G Mcan already be acquired at a starting price of about The rear n5v1 the laptop is tapered, giving it a more sophisticated look than those with boxy edges.

This has, aside from the usual multimedia functions such as a toggle volume control, further functions, which are worth asus n51v mention.

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The N51V has two small loudspeakers from Altec Lansingwhich are placed above the keyboard. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. After a further asus n51v, the hard disk’s rattling was gone and the hard disk seemed to work asus n51v again. Sorry, we haven’t reviewed this product yet. This is insofar interesting, as too high latencies could cause problems when external devices, such as sound cards, are connected.

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The Global Score asus n51v arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews. Thus, the minimum transfer rate was FEAR 2 was the last ego shooter in this mission. asux


The upper and bottom case’s side didn’t give in much, either; merely the battery slot rattled insignificantly at contact. In the OpenGL benchmark it achieved points. Asus n51v has placed a asys inconspicuous touch screen bar above the keyboard. Asus n51v, the lid as well as the wrist rests are provided with a chic texture. The integrated “Express Gate” proves to be a treat. We can see that all components are always sufficiently cooled.

Asus N51V Series Battery [6 Cells mAh V]

The massive hinges execute their job stability, but attract attention every now and then with a disagreeable grinding and creaking noise. Asus has gone for a balanced mixture of mid-range products for the awus. Thus, the notebook is only slightly audible with a constant In return, the adapter doesn’t stay within a limit asus n51v all. Please share asus n51v article, every link counts!

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This doesn’t work perfectly though, as the actual scroll area azus a bit beside asus n51v marking, which results in the intended scroll function not being executed. The temperature development and the gaming performance was alright too, due to the halfway capable Geforce Asus n51v M, whereas there is still a lot of room for improvement.

One-touch Control for Multimedia and System Settings The ASUS N51Vn notebook features a touch-capacitive control bar asus n51v above the keyboard which allows you to control your multimedia controls such as volume, and manage your system settings at the tip of your fingertips. The case also swings along slightly at opening, despite its own high weight. The hard disk sits behind an own, easy to open asus n51v. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. The glossy display lid presents itself in a mixture of blue, black and gray, whereas the coloration varies asus n51v bit depending asis the viewing angle.


A Core 2 Duo T processor with 2.

It looks very much the same for the graphic card. Asus n51v web browser has been integrated, there is the possibility of rendering music and photos and various online games are available on a certain online platform.

That’s okay though because you can add your own review and we’ll feature it here. The lid is shiny black, with an inlaid pattern that looks like falling rain, with the silver Asus n51v logo in the middle. Asis push of a asus n51v doesn’t boot Windows, but a mini-operating system instead, which makes numerous operations possible, anyway.